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Zombie is a masked celebrity on the second season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.

It was later revealed that the celebrity underneath the mask was Jesse Huerta.


Zombie wears a bandage hoodie with beige sleeves and tights with brown stripes, two giant brown buttons on the shoulders and burlap shoes. The mask is a big green head with green eyes and a smile with rotten teeth.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Que Maldición" by Banda MS ft. Snoop Dogg WIN
4 "Ritmo (Bad Boys for Life)" by Black Eyed Peas & J Balvin WIN
6 "No Se Me Quita" by Maluma ft. Ricky Martin WIN
7 "Andas en Mi Cabeza" by Chino & Nacho ft. Daddy Yankee WIN
8 "Dura" by Daddy Yankee WIN
9 "Hermosa Experiencia" by Banda MS BTM3
"Callaíta" by Bad Bunny ft. Tainy ELIM


Week Clue (Translated)
1 "Music, music, here is Zombie. But don't be afraid, I'm the friendliest zombie there is, besides I'm the first one who feeds on music and applause, and today I'm very very hungry. Today I want to take you to a place as far as space and let you know where this mutant zombie comes from. Yes, come on everybody, the party is about to start and I'm not used to being alone. But before I turn on the stage let's do something crazy to get a few laughs out of it. The stages don't scare me, so it's time for a good plate of music and applause, br-a-a-i-n-s."
4 "My first performance was not a horror story. It was a great feast of good music, and I turned out to be their favorite, so I'm here ready to scare the little kids away and turn them into zombies. The funny thing is that I don't need masks to hide who the hell I am, because you guys are already more confused than a tick on a teddy bear. You may think that I am a very happy zombie, when in reality, I am a complete horror mutant, brains! bwahahah! Tonight I want to eat a delicious artist and musical brain, maybe Yuri will let me, yummy yum yum! Because I did the ant diet and I got very hungry. But now I don't want to scare you off, I want to make you fall in love. Mwah!"
6 "When you eat so many brains you are filled with many memories. Because once again I enjoyed salvation. And for a time of care, all that is missing is a zombie invasion! Hahaha! These are the advantages of being who I am, bwahahah! Oops. Because the screams of Zombie have traveled the world and everyone has been infected by me. And even if you think I'm a carnivore... I believe in the signs that the universe leaves me. I don't want to drive you crazy with so much information, but when the allergy swallows up the joy, and there are herds and hordes of living dead, Zombie sings alone. That's why Zombie is ready to infect them with life and joy, aww! Let's go get some music!"
7 "Yummy, yummy, my people from beyond the grave, I've always been very lucky, in fact that's what those closest to me call me, I'd blow the dice but I'm dead. I want music, brains and applause! Yum yum yum! Yes I know I look like a broken record looking for br-a-a-i-n, what do you want? I am a zombie and we all have the same script, br-a-a-i-n! I learn my script lines but not because I'm a handsome zombie, I'm just a little bit silly, I'm not silly even though I'm handsome, right? Because yes, you see me as a fun, musical, cumbia-loving kid, the soul of the party, and I dance like Carlitos. But I swear I have a sensitive side like the telenovelas, I can even cry like Victoria. Coins! Whaaa! Coins! Coins! So let's all shout Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!"
8 "Welcome to the strange world of the Zombie! Being between life and death is like a teenage movie, it's a musical full of energy and I've shown it on stage. I have eaten so many brains, yummy yum yum, that I even have indigestion from yesterday hahaha, but I love it. And thanks to that, I have been able to swallow so many ideas that I can give you more clues than Formula One, hahaha. That's why I don't wear masks in my life."
(Psychiatric Diagnosis): "Zombie. High musical obsession. Condition: Acute. Allergy to onions."
"I go where the music takes me. And this can be very far, because I like to leave the flag of my country high, and take care of my best friends. Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! Bwahahah!"
9 (Storyteller): "In the middle of an apocalypse there is a superhero ready to read."
(Oso Polar): "To read? Will it be me? Because I am a studious bear, hahaha! Studious (Estudi-oso), hahaha! I can't, hahaha! I can't with me, hahaha!"
"She means me, because I can read feelings. It is that I have eaten so many brains, no, this is a heart, yummy yum yum! Now it's a broken heart, hehehe. Now I can see beyond it with my special ray vision! Because with each song I can see your heart, that's how I knew true love, yummy yum yum, come here! Because with this super mask, everyone hears my voice and everyone shouts for Zombie."
(Storyteller): "Will the Zombie be able to read the hearts of the audience and reach the grand finale?"
(Interviewer): "Zombie, it's time for you to face the truth."
"The truth? Yummy yummy, it's that music has always been my thing."
(Lie Detector): *turns green*
(Interviewer): "That is clear to us, what we need to confirm is if you sing alone or not?"
"Zombies are always accompanied, it must be that we look for br-a-a-i-n-s together, yummy yummy."
(Lie Detector): *turns green*
(Interviewer): "Go to the stage, Zombie. Are you ready?"
"More than ready, as the Zombie I can shine my own green light. Let's all shout for Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!"
Week Ofrenda
4 Mr. Zombie Portrait
"You are the best teacher anyone can have, I was lucky enough to meet you and I remember you as an incredible hero."
Clue Answers
The "XV years" balloon in his clue package is a reference to his 15 year career.
We saw him playing several instruments because he is a multi-instrumentalist.
He appeared combing a little zombie in his clue package, alluding to his daughters.
Other Clue Answers
He says he wants to take us to a place as far as space, a reference to his song "Espacio Sideral".
The clue "Corazon Partido (Broken Heart)" refers to Alejandro Sanz. Jesse & Joy have a song with him.
The musician shares in his social networks that he is a sneaker lover, something he inherited to the Zombie, because in his last performances, the character could be seen changing his shoes constantly.

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Consuelo's Guess Juanpa's Guess Yuri's Guess
9 Jesse Huerta Emilio Osorio Jesse Huerta Emilio Osorio


  • The mask was officially revealed on October 2, 2020.[1]
  • The unmasking of the Zombie was not shown in the episode of his elimination, but until the next week's episode in the finale, "Gran final".
  • Zombie appears in the fourth clue package for Gitana and Androide as one of the nominees in the "Most Fanged Character" and "Most Connected Character" categories of the first ¿Quién es la máscara? awards ceremony.
  • Consuelo and Yuri's final guess for Zombie was Emilio Osorio. He eventually took part in Season 3 as La Hueva.