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Wolf is one of 12 of the masked singers in Australia's first season.

The Wolf was Unmasked to be Rob Mills.


The Wolf's mask is a realistic wolf head with glowing red eyes and gray fur. The costume is a black jumpsuit and a large dark gray fur coat. The costume also has two gloves that resemble claws. His costume is similar to yhhhhgggggan Oodie.


Week Song
1 "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" by Shania Twain
2 "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" by Shawn Mendes
4 ”Disco Inferno” by The Tramps
6 "Shallow" by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
7 "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" by The Backstreet Boys
8 "Come Together" by The Beatles


Week Clue
1 "Am I 'the Wolf'? Well, I have that reputation. Maybe that's why I'm up all night. As a pup, I was keen on sport. It was my dream to make it to the top with huge crowds cheering me on. I know how to draw attention in a competition; I'm constantly being misjudged and underestimated. This mask gives me a chance to show you what I can do without prejudgment. I'm not the Big Bad Wolf, but I ain't no Little Green Riding Hood either; I've been an apprentice a couple of times. Singing isn't my first trade, I think you'll be surprised when this mask comes off. Until that day, beware my teeth, claws and power because I am a triple threat."
2 "I really let rip last time with a clever choice of song. But, despite being a hit with the ladies, Dave made me howling mad. So I'm glad my clues have them all running round the woods in circles. Wolves have a reputation for being naughty, and I admit it. I did run wild when I was a pup. I was a wolf who ran with the wolves. Although I wasn't runt of the litter, I wasn't number one either. 'Near enough' wasn't near enough for me. After missing my dream, I remained unbroken. I worked harder than ever, like a dog with a bone. But success comes in unexpected ways, but always here under the Southern Cross. I have to keep working to keep the Wolf from the door. Getting to where I am now is a miracle, like walking on water. I'm an all-rounder, and tonight, I have one job: to rock the judges."
4 "Everyone was howling at my last performance. They are loving me, but I'm loving how my identity's driving them crazy. A wolf likes to roam, but you won't find the Wolf in the same place I started. I may have been in excess of what I've done, but I have discovered that fighting my way to the top is like climbing a greasy pole. I'm a notorious predator. Like a hawk, I've got to swoop in when the time is right- and that time is now."
6 "With every week, this wolf grows bolder, and I can almost taste victory. And I love that everyone decided to speak my language. I love being at the center of attention. It feels like there's electricity in the air. A spark. But maybe it's just a stage I'm going through. The way I look is very important. I'm the Wolf. I'm the top dog in this competition- and I'm going for the throat."
7 "Was it the performance of the series? Ha, only time will tell. I admit it. It's the finals. And I'm on a real charm offensive. You can't always trust the face you see. When I was younger, I achieved my dream. I was surrounded by extraordinary talent and they all followed me! Make no mistake, I was the top dog. Every time you see me sing, I'm packing more and more into my performance. I'm going to smash it tonight, I will be the top dog again. That is no fairy story."
8 "I don't know if I'm going to win The Masked Singer. For me, it's just an achievement to make it to the top three. Being a wolf has never been so much fun, a real celebration. The Wolf and I have a few things in common. We both have this outer layer of confidence. But he looks scary, and I'm not. I draw my energy from the crowd, and that's difficult to do in the mask. Instead, I've had to find a new way to connect with my songs. Let's do this."

("I was well known years I was successful.")

(For as long as I can remember, I have sat by the phone waiting for the coach to call.")

("This is how I used to make a living and I'm holding onto in just in case. I know you can be a wolf one day and lamb roast the next.")

("I love to challenge myself, I once walked over 100km in 24 hours.")

("I am an entertainer, I always have been. Even as a child I was the class clown. But what people don't know is how hard I worked. While my mates were out partying, I was working doing gigs or cutting grass. And I still work hard every day.")

("I don't think of myself as famous or a celebrity. That's just the way other people see me. When I realised I couldn't control what other people thought, that's when I finally felt free at last. Inside the wolf, I am just me, a performer. And that is all I ever wanted.")

Clue Answers
'Little Green/Orange Riding Hood': 'Wolf's colour blindness cut short an electrical apprenticeship. All the wires looked the same!
'Sparky' & 'Apprentice' + Tradie's tool-belt: 'Wolf' was an apprentice electrician and was on Celebrity Apprentice!
'Wolf's personal clue was a lawnmower. After losing his apprenticeship 'Wolf' had to mow lawns to stay afloat!
'I have been a prince before...' 'Wolf' played 'Prince Fiyero' in the musical 'Wicked' (2008).

Final Guesses[]

Week Jackie's Guess Lindsay's Guess Dave's Guess Dannii's Guess
9 Rob Mills Adam Garcia Jason Donovan Stefan Dennis


  • Wolf is the first contestant of the Australian version that was at risk of being eliminated earlier in the competition.
  • Just like Turtle who sang “there’s nothing holding me back” in his respective version, they both finished second.