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Viking is a masked celebrity contestant on the second UK series of The Masked Singer.


Viking resembles a big Viking head. He wears a silver Viking helmet with a white bison horns that are black on the end on each side which the celebrity’s head sits under. The face has eyes covered by the helmet. He has a ginger braided moustache below his nose along with a long ginger beard. His entire torso is covered by the beard. He wears dark green pants, brown leather boots, brown leather gloves on each hand, and a red cape at the back.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac WIN
4 "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles BTM2
5 "Take On Me" by A-ha SAFE
6 "The Scientist" by Coldplay ELIM

Face-off Songs[]

Week VS Song
4 Grandfather Clock "Crazy" by Seal


Week Clue
2 I am Viking. You're curious who I am, I'm curious too, and that's the thing about a viking. We are a curious kind. We are explorers, we forge our own way. We discover answers, as in my career, throughout this competition, I'll be looking for a voice. Tonight, I'm battling it out with Seahorse. Good luck Seahorse from me. Vi-King.
4 I strode into my last performance, and emerged victorious from a battle with a seahorse. The panel tried to guess who I was, but by my beard, they haven't got a clue. Perhaps this evening, they will say one guess closer to who I am. Being a viking, you live by your instincts, from a young early age my natural instincts gave rise to something that would later forge my career, and it was this something that has left my footprints across great countries outside of my own. Doing my own thing, underlies everything, including breaking the rules. Vikings are not down by any chains and sometimes, success can be found when I break something. Tonight, the battle calls for me once more.
5 Last time, my fate swung in the balance, but the odds were in my favour. But one thing's for sure, this panel has no clue as to who I am. As for my identity, I'm never gonna give it up. Vikings might have been around for millennia, but my career has been one of billions. It was over a billion people who watched me do my thing. As a viking, I rely on tools I was born with and tools I can create. Take my sword for example, which was forged in the silver mines of my homeland, to serve me well in my journey. Most people head out into the world, seeking gold, but the gold I look for is creative fulfilment. Though as precious metals go, steel has proved rather useful in my career. Tonight, I strike out on my next adventure.
6 Last time, was magical, but perhaps the panel have aimed in the wrong direction with their guesses. Will tonight be tonight, they finally see the true person behind the Viking. Vikings are a nomadic sort, because we have a hunger for adventure, to us there is always that land beyond the horizon. People think vikings are all about the conquering, about the pillaging and the taking. They're not often the heroes of the tale, well this viking has written his own tale. I don't care much for trinkets and I don't feed off accolades, It feels better to give than to take. I cannot take what you cannot give. Tonight I'm swapping my sword for my voice, and I'm ready to do battle once more.
Two Lies and a Truth Answer
I own a Blue Peter badge
My first hit dialled M for Murder
My early career relied on brotherly love
Clue Answers
Morten's hometown of Kongsberg in Norway translates to 'King's Rock'
"Over a billion people watched me" was a clue to 'Take On Me' having over 1 billion YouTube views
"Steel has proved most useful in my career" refers to a-ha's studio album 'Cast in Steel'
A long list of notes was a reference to Morten's fame for singing very long notes
In the surveillance VT Viking said "A-ha" three times
Unmasked Answers
He was a judge on Norway's version of The Voice
The American flag was a clue to a-ha's success in the states, where 'Take On Me' reached No.1 in the billboard charts in 1985
Boyband A1 covered a-ha's 'Take On Me'
The comic book is a nod to the 'Take On Me' video, where a-ha turned into comic book characters

Final Guesses[]

Episode Alan's Guess Mo's Guess Davina's Guess Rita's Guess Jonathan's Guess
6 Brendan Sheerin Ricky Wilson Ricky Wilson Bear Grylls Robert Rinder


  • The Viking is the first Masked Singer contestant ever to sing their own song.
  • Viking is the fourth international contestant on the British version of the show, preceded by Daisy, Unicorn, and Monster and followed by Badger.