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Unicornio (translated as Unicorn) is a masked celebrity on the second season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.

It was later revealed that the celebrity underneath the mask was Cassandra Sánchez Navarro.


Unicornio is a pink Hawaiian-style unicorn wearing a green Hawaiian skirt, a lilac, purple and aqua striped bra with a violet flower necklace and flower bracelets on the feet. The mask is a unicorn's head with the respective horn and pink hair with flower braids.


Week Song Selection Result
3 "Say So" by Doja Cat WIN
5 "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele BTM2
6 "Con Altura" by Rosalía, J Balvin & El Guincho WIN
7 "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus BTM3
8 "Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel" from Toy Story ELIM

Máscara vs. Máscara Songs[]

Week VS Song Selection Result
5 Xolo "Inolvidable" by Jenni Rivera SAFE


Week Clue (Translated)
3 "For me life is like the sea, intense and a total enjoyment. It doesn't matter if one or another wave rolls over me, I'm always ready to surf it. Although salty, my life has nothing, it is in fact very sweet as much as sugar, you know it, honey! And I don't mind being my friends' clown, just to see my people smile. When it comes to reflection, I love to go deeper, to tell my adventures, or that I was the daughter of one of Mexico's most rebellious. I may seem carefree, yes, it may be, but I will tell you something, I take my responsibilities very seriously. The truth is I can't complain, especially when I share so much with my family. And you are about to witness what I am made of, let's start the show!"
5 "Aloha babies! In my first show I had a super nice time. We galloped to the next round. You might think that because I'm a unicorn, my whole life is a rosy color, cute! But it's not like that... I had to forge my own path, and even if it fluffed my hair, I sought my own luck, yeah baby! Because in this life the attitude is everything, divine, fixed hooves and a good hairstyle. Look! What beautiful dogs! Cute! If things get a little gray, it doesn't matter, I put sugar in my life, but let it be natural, I mean, we have to keep the figure, babies!"
(Taco Vendor): "Tacos, basket tacos, tacos!"
"Wait... you better go ahead, I think I forgot something over there, I won't be long. The time has come to infect us all with my unicorn pururú flavor. Yee-haw Unicorn!"
6 "Some think my love for what I do is for my family, but they have nothing to do with it, because someday everyone will remember this super cute unicorn."
(Director): "Casting Unicorn."
"Hey! I am the Unicorn, I am ageless because... I am magic, these are my profiles... and this is my stamp, mwah! Fiction has become a reality that no one will believe. And I'm never coming back! Whaaa!"
(Director): "Cut! Print it!"
"How did you see it baby? Do you want more punch? A little bit more pururú? You just tell me. In the end I will reap all the fruit that I worked so hard for. Thank you! Really thank you, without all of you I wouldn't be here. Be careful what you dream about, because it can come true."
7 "Aloha babies, maybe some will say that getting here is one thing called luck, but I think it was something else. Since I had the very small horn, I always knew that I liked to play, because the feeling I have has always been something magical. Pururú! With a little faith, the exact number to start the fair game always appears. The moral of my story would be, compassion and perseverance there is no door that does not open, and what would be my motto? Never take your finger off the line, wise words from grandfather Mr. Unicorn. Let yourself go like a unicorn on a slide! Did you see? It wasn't luck."
8 "Aloha babies, my last performance was up to par."
(Therapist): "Well, what does that have to do with what I'm asking you, Unicorn?"
"Sorry not sorry baby, is that I have always been a super different unicorn, that's why I have taken out a few green hairs from my family, but I can't help it, sometimes I lose my train of thought, many call it what I have a disorder, but... I see it as something special. Because that has helped me to play with the multiple unicorns I have in my head, the sexy and daring one, mwah, the funny and sensual one, also sometimes the rough and ruthless one comes out. Well, and even though they all have something of me, nothing resembles what I really am, so you better be prepared, because in my dreams you will fall in love with me."
Week Ofrenda
4 Unicornio's Grandmother Black & White Portrait
"My best heritage is discipline, I will always be proud of my unicorn ancestors."
Clue Answers
She made several references to her "dynasty": The Fábregas family.
She claims to be "the daughter of one of Mexico's most rebellious" because of her character in the series "Silvia Pinal, frente a ti".
Her "multiple personalities" referred to the different characters she has played.
She used to speak in English and Spanish because she is a Mexican born in the United States.

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Consuelo's Guess Galilea's Guess Juanpa's Guess Yuri's Guess
8 Cassandra Sánchez Navarro Cassandra Sánchez Navarro Michelle Renaud Macarena Achaga Frida Sofía


  • The mask was revealed on September 30, 2020.[1]
  • Carlos had a minor guess saying that Cassandra Sánchez Navarro could be Disco Ball in the same season.