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Unicórnio (translated to Unicorn) is a masked celebrity contestant on the first brazilian season of The Masked Singer.


Unicórnio is an unicorn mask that wears a pink and white medieval era dress with an open skirt and bell bottom pants, alongside several golden ornaments around her costume.

Her head is a normal unicorn head with a light pink and light blue mane and a golden horn. She also has a pair of white wings on her back.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Shallow" by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper BEST
3 "Lua de Cristal" by Xuxa IMM
5 "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" by Beyoncé WIN
6 "A Tua Voz" by Gloria Groove WIN
7 "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Judy Garland WIN
8 "Girl From Rio" by Anitta/"Garota de Ipanema" by Tom Jobim BTM2
9 "Quando a Chuva Passar" by Ivete Sangalo WINNER
"I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston

Smackdown Performance[]

Week VS Song
8 Jacaré "Sweet Child O'Mine" by Guns N' Roses


Week Clue
1 "I lived between elfs and fairies. That's why I love everything that is colorful. You met me as a child, but as Sandy says, I grew now I am a woman".
"I don't have children, but I'm a girl pet's mother".
5 "The more soap, the better. I use two soaps to take a shower. I love perfumes, and what people call overkill, I call lifestyle. So, have you solved the charade? No? Oh, so sad, try again!"
"I've been confined in a house, in a reality show".
6 "French fries and Baião de Dois definitly are in an Unicorn's diet, but, in my defense, sport is a part of my life. And there it goes one more clue: I've competed in volleyball! Isn't there a skateboard fairy? We have the volleyball unicorn too".
7 "I've been through a lot, I even had to deal with rats. I do so many things at the same time, but don't finish any of them. There's some people that say that the unicorn's blood is an eternal fountain of life and youth, well, I think so too.".
8 "I have a lot of presence on the internet, thank goodness wi-fi is right here in the enchanted land. I love taking selfies. My career always had too much fun, but I never got to a rollercoaster, entered in a cave and got stuck over there, that was my cousin, Uni".
10 "If the horse is an animal friend, the unicorn doesn't know how to deal with embarrassing situations, if any of my friends stumble on my side, I'm already on the other side pretending it's not with me. I hate embarrassing myself, although I've already paid a lot of pain in my career, even people are always laughing at me because I talk a lot to myself, and they heard me saying that I really want to win the show.".
2 Lies and 1 Truth Answer
I lived abroad. Truth
I was a model. Lie
I love driving. Lie
Mystery Box
Clue Answers
"Between elfs and fairies" is a part of the Carrossel theme song, that Priscilla sang along with Yudi Tamashiro.
"Enchanted land" is another part of the Carrossel theme song.
"I'm a girl pet's mother" means that she has a pet, but in portuguese she says "eu sou mãe de pet Menina". Priscilla has a pet called Menina.
When she said "Oh, so sad, try again!" on her third clue package, it was a nod to an iconic quote she had when working with Yudi Tamashiro on SBT: "Aw, que pena, tenta de novo!"
Código Fama is the reality show that Priscilla got into.
On the fifth Unicórnio's clue package, she talks about her cousin Uni, from Dungeons & Dragons, which was shown by TV Globo in Brazil, however, Priscilla got contracted by SBT, the TV Globo's rival.

Final Guesses[]

Week Rodrigo's Guess Taís' Guess Simone's Guess Eduardo's Guess
10 Priscilla Alcantara Priscilla Alcantara Priscilla Alcantara Any Gabrielly

Guest Judges Guesses[]

Week Guest Guess
5 Paula Fernandes Manu Gavassi
6 Fernanda Gentil Mariana Nolasco
7 Ana Maria Braga Luísa Sonza

First Impressions[]

Rodrigo's First Impression Taís' First Impression Simone's First Impression Eduardo's First Impression
Manu Gavassi Wanessa Camargo Priscilla Alcantara Manu Gavassi


  • The brazilian season’s Instagram showed the costume’s silhouette in a video posted on July 20, 2021, along with Arara’s costume.
  • Unicórnio was the first mask to get voted as "Best Of The Night" and become immune.
  • Like the Lithuanian Unicorn and the French Unicorn, they all won their respective seasons.
    • At the age of 25, this also makes her the fourth youngest winner of the entire series in the Masked Universe (The third being Cody Simpson as Robot, the second being Camille Dhont as Miss Poes and the first being Jackie from the Holvichai & Kavee duo)
  • Rodrigo had previously guessed Priscilla as his first impression for Gata Espelhada in the same season.
  • Unicórnio is the first Brazilian mask to be the one that started and won their season.
  • Unicórnio later would be announced as the Backstage Host of the second season.