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Tuatara is a masked celebrity contestant on the first season of The Masked Singer New Zealand.


Week Song Selection Result
1 “Cosmic Girl” by Jamiroquai WIN
2 “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder SAFE
3 “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran SAFE
4 “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE BTM2
5 “Nobody Else” by Ted Pistol and Rikki Morris SAFE
6 "Wake Me Up" by Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc SAFE
7 “Somebody To Love” by Queen SAFE
"Cake by the Ocean" by DNCE WINNER


Week Clue
1 "I am Tuatara! One of the oldest reptiles in the world. And found only in Aotearoa. I've learned lots of secrets to success over my years on this planet. And I will be keeping my third eye on the prize. Remember, I am a survivor from the ends of the Earth. I'm riding solo these days. And I've changed my appearance over time. Hopefully this performance mertis the judges' praise."
2 "It's me, your friendly neighbourhood reptile! My beautiful scales have given me more than just my name. This costume is perfect for me to dance in. Which is good because that can be a deal breaker for me. For tonight's performance, I want to score a perfect 10. I hope this performance has something extra special."
3 "It's me, Tuatara! My identity is all about being kind to the planet, and giving back to the community. Just like those born to be assassins, I'll take down my competitors one by one. There's a clue in my name about where I found fame."
4 "Hi guys. It's me, Tuatara! I've moonlighted as Mary Poppins, you could call me a ring master. I perform for crowds all over the world, which is no ordinary thing. And I can't wait to do it again soon."
5 "Hey guys it's me, Tuatara! To survive this long, I've really had to stay at the top of my class. And one class I always excelled at, was sewing. I've been told I am excellent judge of character. I'll be galloping to the finish line to take out the prize."
6 "Hey guys it's me, Tuatara! I'm notorious for being a real party animal. And sometimes my parties are so loud. I get in trouble. While I've been successful in my career, I've only won silver, never gold. Some would call me a shopaholic, that's definitely what I'm known for. How good I'm going to be... Well that's TBC."
7 "Hey guys it's me, Tuatara! Even though I'm one of the oldest reptiles alive, I'm still a sporting pro. Especially when it comes to table tennis. Age ain't nothing but a number. I'm going to light this stage up."
"Kia Ora, it's the Tuatara here! You may find me in a bush, maybe basking in the sun. Or scuttling in the waves. Tuatara's are known as living fossils. And maybe that isn't wrong. My skins-suit has changed colour quite a few times over the years. I've learned to adapt. I'm not the one to judge, but whoever's facing me better watch out tonight."
Two Lies and One Truth Answer
I'm a fully qualified carpenter.
People have compared me to the Fonz-E.
I'm an award winner.
Clue Answers
'Oldest reptile' refers to Jason being in the music scene for a long time.
'Mertis the judges praise' refers to being awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2011.
'I've already been recognized for my talent' refers to Jason judging NZ's Got Talent.
'Only won silver, never gold' refers to Opshop winning the APRA Silver Scroll award in 2008.
'TBC' is a reference to his band The Babysitters Circus.
'Born assassin' relates to Jason Bourne.
'Something extra special' refers to Jason's appearance on X Factor NZ.
'Secrets' is an Opshop single released in 2003.
'Hip-hop skip and a jump' refers to Jason's roots in hip hop.
'Clue in my name' refers to Jason forming Opshop in a backpackers, Tuatara Backpackers in Invercargill.
'Changed my appearance', 'only one left of my kind', 'now riding solo' refers to becoming a solo artist.

Final Guesses[]

Week Sharyn’s Guess Rhys’ Guess Ladi6’s Guess James’ Guess
7 Jason Kerrison Jason Hoyte Jason Kerrison Benny Tipene


  • He is the first male winner of the New Zealand version of the show.
  • He is the first New Zealand winner to have started and ended the season.
  • The judges Tuatara to be Guy Williams, but he was Sergeant Steak 'N' Cheese Pie.
  • The song “Cosmic Girl” was Alien (UK) walk in song.