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Tikru (A slang word for Tiikeri, translated as Tiger) is a masked celebrity on the second season of Masked Singer Suomi.


Tikru wears big yellow cape and orange overalls with tiger like black stripes and black gloves and shoes. She also has a yellow tiara in her head.

Episode One Questionnaire[]

Ile: Are you stubborn? Tikru: no. Ile: Do you watch soap operas? Tikru: no. Ile: Do you have Acrophobia? Tikru: yes. Ile: Do you sing while driving? Tikru: no. Ile: How about in shower? Tikru: yes. Ile: Do you dance in car? Tikru: no. Ile: Have you taken dancing lessons? Tikru: Yes. Ile: Can you roll your tongue? Tikru: Yes. Ile: Have you cried from joy? Tikru: yes. Ile: Have you ever been in love? Tikru: yes. Ile: Can you swim? Tikru: yes. Ile: Have you ever been at plastic surgery? Tikru: no. Can you saw or Virkata? Tikru: yes.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Cicciolina" by Erika Vikman ELIM


Week Clue
2 "Tikru is a creature that doesn't belong to cage. My self-esteem is great, and with that I twist the bars of the society and escape to explore the environment with curiosity and interest, but I am not afraid to roar in need either. Like other tigers, I'm also a diving water beast. I can hold my breath underwater even for 2 minutes. Okay, moving on... Tikru haven't lived her life without any medals, most of them are won from fishing contests. I've mastered ropes, Katiskas and the worm rods. When I am not hunting for fishes, I watch Drag Queen performances, they are my huge models, I idolize and respect them. What an attitude and style, Big Tikru. While we're at it, I admit I admire Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is so over, and who has succeeded in working out, acting and in politics? Maybe Tikru is next. And when I come back to my home, I fall in sleep with my three dearest plushies. So the soul of the Tikru is one of the softest. Every night I wish to see pleasant dreams about rock, instead of nightmares about celery. I absolutely hate it. If Tikru has to say one encouraging sentence, it would go like this: "Paint your own power stripes"


  • Tikru is the first character to perform song created by previous Masked Singer Suomi contestant (Erika Vikman as Ampiainen).