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Welcome to The Masked Singer Wiki! This is an ever-expanding Wiki dedicated to the 'universe' of the television series The Masked Singer and all its related shows. Below you can find information and links regarding the policies and guidelines of this Wiki. Please ensure that you look through this if there is a situation or you need help regarding an issue.

  • Last updated on March 31, 2021. Please note that certain policies or guidelines may change in the future.

General Policies

  • Be civil: Any and all users are welcome here, whether they have been a fan of TMS-related shows for a long time, or they are just getting started. General kindness/courtesy should be used at all times.
  • Harassment: Harassment/general rudeness towards others will not be tolerated. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous policy above. We want to be as welcoming to others as possible. Please seek an administrator if assistance is needed for a harassment issue.
  • Don't be afraid: Not necessarily a 'policy', but don't be afraid to start editing at any point or joining in here, even if it's just to chat with others in our community!
  • Private information: If you intend on posting private/personal information of your own, please be careful with what you share to others. We also ask you not to share out others' private/personal information, especially if they don't want you to.

Wiki-Specific Policies

  • Vandalism: Please do not vandalize articles, whether it is intentional or not. Light cases of vandalism may be punished by shorter block times (2 hours, 1 day, etc.) while more serious cases may have longer blocks (multiple days, weeks, months, etc.)
  • Content deletion: Please do not remove content without any explanation, even if you simply disagree with the content. If there is a large amount of content you believe should not be present, it would be best to ask others/discuss the matter with the community, or discuss the issue on the talk page of a specific article.
  • Spoilers: We do not want to ruin others' viewing experience of any show(s). All users are advised to proceed to certain articles with caution if they are trying to avoid spoilers.
    • The Recent Unmasking template should be located at the top of articles regarding the recent unmasking/elimination of a celebrity/contestant. This should usually remain in-place until the next unmasking of another celebrity/contestant (Ex: the template should be in-place of recently unmasked contestants in The Masked Singer (US) for one week- until the next person is unmasked in the next episode).
    • The Major Spoiler template should be located at the top of articles regarding recent or ongoing seasons/shows to advise others of spoilers located in a certain article. This should usually remain in place while a show is ongoing, and until at least 3 months after the specific show or season/series has concluded (Ex: the template should be in-place for a season such as Season 4 (USA) until at least March 16, 2021, 3 months since the season finale that aired on December 16, 2020).
  • Edit warring/content dispute: If there is an ongoing dispute regarding edits/content in a certain article(s), the article should left at the last edit prior to the dispute. A discussion should take place on the talk page of the article in question, and you should contact at least one administrator to inform them of the ongoing dispute/issue. Please do not start an edit war on purpose, or even if you simply do not like the other user. If the warring continues, both users involved may be blocked for a period of time.

Formatting/Editing Guides

Please check back here soon!

This section will soon contain links to help guide you on how certain types of articles should be formatted. This is to ensure that all articles have similar formatting structures, and to make it easier to navigate through different articles.