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Taikahattu (translated as Magic Hat) is a masked celebrity on the second season of The Masked Singer. Taikahattu came 4th and was revealed to be Krista Siegfrids, who also was guest panelist on last season.


Taikahattu's upper body is covered by big purple wizard hat with decorations such as butterflies and feathers. They seem to be wearing yellow shirt and blue purple pants.


Shoe size: 37
Model: Marilyn Monroe
Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite color: All the colors of the rainbow
Ability: Magic
Hobby: Sports

Episode One Questions[]

Ile: Do you sleep your closet doors open or closed? Taikahattu: Open. Ile: Do you take the hotel shampoo with you when you leave the hotel? Taikahattu: No. Ile: Have you ever stolen signs? Taikahattu: yes. Ile: Do you always smile on pictures? Taikahattu: Yup. Ile: Do you still watch kids shows? Taikahattu: Sometimes. Ile: Can you change the oil in car? Taikahattu: no. Ile: Have you ever got speeding tickets? Taikahattu: yes. Ile: Do you have Acrophobia? Taikahattu: no. Ile: Do you sing while driving? Taikahattu: Yes. Ile: do you sing in a shower? Taikahattu: Yes. Ile: Is Christmas stressing for you? Taikahattu: No, it's the best holiday, I LOVE IT!


Week Song
1 "Rusketusraidat" by PMMP
3 "Tarkenee" by JVG
5 "La Vie En Rose" by Edith Piaf
7 "Chandelier" by Sia
8 "Jolene" By Dolly Parton
9 "Missä Muruseni On?" by Jenni Vartiainen


Week Clue
1 "Taikahattu takes your mind to the world of stories and fantasy, creating pictures of the free soul. This couldn't be any further from the truth... In reality, I am really simple: Just your ordinary hat, who buys flowers for decorating, eats brunch with their close friends, and sometimes styles nails. It is my crazy and enigmatic vice. OH YEAH, I sometimes also do some abdominal muscle movement, a mother land character like me has to keep themselves in shape. My life is full of "totally" basic things: I love vacuum cleaning and washing dishes is like hobby for me. I do am little distant: Okay, I am REALLY distant. I do not like being the center of the attention. I like my house and small groups. The thought about doing a trip to a hot place for example is hard to imagine. I rather be at the sea than at Ibiza. Human crowds depresses me, as well as hustle and ever-changing life. The everyday life at home is magical for me instead. If I really want to enjoy my life, I pull the hat deeper in my head, close my eyes and I let the imagination do the rest. Inside my head I can be anything: The performer of the big stages, or the European owner. After this me time it's sweet to tinker with bun dough while wearing an apron, when I am not doing small fashion stuff or lighting up my scent candles. All this is like confetti for me!"
3 "I am very, very flattered of the previous feedback, it really had impact in my previously mentioned shy and distant personality. And I was talking about these guesses. After the last time I was thinking, should I start to perform even more after this? NAH, in the age of 30 you already have set values in your mind. I don't understand people who you see in television weekly, or who are performing all the time. If I would be them, I would only do few guest performances per year, and yet I still would be pooped. Maybe however I should do more performing and less brunches, LOL. Not to mention, that I Loooove being couch potato. And hey, it is sport, if you are wearing tight sport outfit."
5 "Hooray for everyday life magic hats. Taikahattu hexed herself forward in this contest, WOHOO! I am bad when it comes to praising myself and over all showing my emotions, but you really gotta admit that this is life. My mood is as high as in Karaoke when I was young and when I gave fitness lessons for others. I have teacher blood in my veins, wink wink. I also have wild side: I can go really crazy at Karaoke. I even overdo it and end up being kicked out of bar. After the last time I went to charge my batteries to my dearest place: Summer cottage. You must give permission to yourself to enjoy little things: Life isn't a megalomaniac show number, leave those shenanigans to this stage"
7 "I knew the people of Finland was in need of a magic to their life, Taikahattu delivers! I am so thankful that my last performance didn't ended up to disappearing act. This contest is very rough: It can sound like that I am not achieving anything in my life. Well, I'm a character that shares opinions, I am surprisingly ambitious: I took my first step to my career in daycare age. I started to compete when I was eight years old. Maybe this kind of background makes me petty person. "
8 "Are you sure that I haven't been outsmarting you all this time? Many others has got their life all mixed up like with me. I am the magic hat that social media has bruised. There is no thing, name or term that has been used to refer me. I can tell stories about bun dough, being distant and gardening, but are those true? How many of these facts are just creations of the devious mind of Taikahattu? Which one is more true: That I pull gardening gloves to my hand or that I am doing single for South Korea?
9 "The streak of Taikahattu goes on. IT'S A KIND OF MAGIC! Getting this far has made me feel proud of myself. Stopping and or standing still is the greatest fear of Taikahattu. It has been since I was a child. I was walking fast because I was crazy curious. Usually I am just gonna go and see the consequences of participating. I am home where ever I go: From Dubai to Malmö, and from Nauvo to Paris. I am 100% Show-hat! So Mon Cher!"
Refining Questions
Ile: "What kind of instrument you would be?" Taikahttu: "A flute"
Taikahattu: I've been on a Czech millionaire's mansion
The Ultimate Clue
Item: Dreamcatcher
Clue Answers
"Mother Land character" is a reference to fact, that Krista joined the contest while she was pregnant (The baby even were kicking during Chandelier song)

Season 3[]

Taikahattu returns in Season 3 episode 9 to make a cameo in special performance "Poista Maski" by Ile Uusivuori and the detectives.


  • Taikahattu is the first character to compete after being a panelist in a past.