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Supersankari (translated as Superhero) is a masked celebrity contestant on the third season of Masked Singer Suomi, the Finnish version of The Masked Singer.


Supersankari wears a bodysuit made from small, circular mirrors. Over that, she wears a rainbow skirt. Her mask is white with rainbow colored eyes and black lips. She also wears a cat mask made of mirrors with rainbow hair sticking out.


Week Song Selection Result
4 "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce ft. Jay-Z SAFE
6 "Pokerface" By Lady Gaga SAFE
8 "Listen To Your Heart" by Roxette SAFE
10 "Break My Heart" By Dua Lipa SAFE
11 "Sama Nainen" By Chisu SAFE
12 "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez SAFE
13 "All I want For Christmas Is You" By Mariah Carey WINNER
Group Song "I love You" By Teflon brothers and Pandora feat Corppi and Bilepanda N/A


Week Clue
4 "Ladies and gentlemen. Children and literally everyone else. Behold and take a gander! Straight from the second dimension slides to you: Agile and flex, vigorous and nothing, except for some dark, fearing, big line, Supersankari! GIRL POWERRRR!!! My lines are big which is typical for superheroes: They aren't straight. If the world is gonna fall apart and it requires a level, Then call someone like Batman for rescue. This superhero does not touch the level, and it does not make any sense. This hero also is not packing type. But if they have to be moved, you gotta pack fast. So if you are seeking for an action with this hero, Let's make it competition. Then we see who's the best. And I am not gonna be the one who loses. Even my father gave me 100 euros, after I stood on my head for long enough. And so I did. Who collapses, who wins? Everybody's defender Supersankari!"
6 "Supersankari is once again available for use! Ready to correct the biggest, or even the smallest, unfairness! You might take my word for it when I say that people's jaws drop whenever they see me! The attention is only part of a Supersankari's job and something to enjoy, even if you indeed are one! I am not shy for anyone! Fear of the Lord makes me sick even as a thought. That's why I have managed to relate to presidents i have met, and to Hollywood stars wth an ease. There is only one face off, that promises bad: When I see "Harmless", worry free black cat crossing the road, I have to spit over my shoulders immediately! This is not superstition, this is just common sense!"
8 "I'm on a side of good! And I don't have any kind of secrets, but on the contrary i'm an open book to read. But what comes to identity, Supersankari cannot reveal it! But have i always been a superhero? Evil can be fought so many different ways. My very first dream as a child was to go for a fight with the squeaky drills! And rip the junk and rock with no pity! What really gets me into a fighting mode, is when I see bullying and mockery. Unfortunately there seems to be no end for this fight. But that's why I will stand against what is wrong every morning. Your superhero has also another dream. "What is it?" you may ask. Well being a pop star!"
10 "Your Supersankari fights till the good wins! And the best in this contest, its Supersankari! Superheroes are dichotomous personalities. My divided personality comes from my passions. I love tofeed the animals and clean up the barn. The aroma of the hay brings memories from my family's farm's environment. I love animals, but one certain part of the animal I hate the most: I still can feel it in my mouth... Another side of me is in love to Metropolises. New York is awesome, and not just because that I was misunderstood as a model. And as you can see, it's no wonder. Make way for the child of the light, fire at will!"
11 "Jumping on leotard and fighting for justice both are not always easy and fun. But there are few things that gives me energy for the everlasting fight between the dark and light. I like to walk around on old Porvoo or even Ullanlinna. Superheroes usually has overpowered powers and senses. When I enter the room, I can sense with my sensitive senses different powered energies and auras. When the energies are in balance, i can surrender for dancing. It's time to find out what kind of energy is in the air tonight"
12 "The child of the light is on your side even at the grimmest times. This superhero fights against bullying till the last blow! Another thing I have had to fight against in my life, is the freedom to pick my own nose! When I was in a school, my arch nemesis busted me from scratching my nose passionately. And punished me with detention! And since that very moment, I have demanded for everyone to decide about their nose and picking it. I have quite imagination: sometimes you can see me talking to my good friend you cannot see. Those times I am talking with my friend Tiina."
13 "Supersankari flies again along with them the power of the light, that will stun all the grayness of the weekdays. Today too is the party! And this time the color of the party is green. Why? Because green reminds me of the most wonderful locations where I have ever been on my worldwide travels. In Rio however I wasn't kneeling down for blue, as I am not swimming in Atlantic-, nor in Pacific Ocean. Because there lives my kryptonite: Sharks. So I enjoy on low waters... But I jump from high. And there is about 800 meters of velocity. Now let's rip everything open like a superhero!"
Pizza Clue
Greatest Hits Clue
"Surprise After Surprise"
Pampering Name
James Bond
Locker Clue
Christmas Lights
Package Clue
Standing With Hands

Clue Answers
"Green" is a reference to Anna-Maija performing as Fiona in 2016 play "Shrek".
Supersankari is created for Anna-Maija's daughter, who likes Masked Singer.
The skirt is a reference to Anna-Maija doing balette.
Package clue connected to father is a reference of Anna-Maija's father rewarding her from doing tricks.
Locker Clue and last song is a reference to Anna-Maija's love for Christmas.
The clues about moving is a reference to Anna-Maija doing renovation in the past.
"The attention" is a reference of Anna-Maija winning Dancing With The Stars.
Presidents and Hollywood stars are reference to Anna-Maija meeting presidents and visiting New York many times, and even living there.
Porvoo is a reference to Anna-Maija performing in "Onnela", which is filmed at Porvoo.
The child of the light is a nickname of Anna-Maija.
The auras are reference to Intuition of sensing the mood.


  • Supersankari is the first female winner in the Masked Singer Suomi series.
  • Anna-Maija believes that LGBT activists are true superheroes, hence the rainbow skirt on the costume.