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Spider is a masked celebrity contestant on the first season of The Masked Singer Australia.


The Spider costume consists of a purple bodysuit, with a matching corset over the top, which features a large spider motif and a floor length skin-tight sheer skirt. The costume features purple structured shoulders, with sheer web-like fabric cascading down. This web-like fabric is also used as an accent hanging off the sleeves. The mask itself, features a large black and red spider, hanging upside down on a web. Two of the eyes are significantly larger than the rest and are used for the contestant's vision.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Toxic" by Britney Spears WIN
2 "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" by AC/DC SAFE
3 "Zombie" by The Cranberries SAFE
4 "Titanium" by David Guetta & Sia SAFE
"Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi ELIM


Week Clue
1 "I think the Spider is appropriate for me. After all, my web of life has so many different strands. But I'm not afraid of the bright lights anymore. I like to write. Which is easy when you can hold 8 pens at once. I'm proud to say my words have gone all over the world. There is a lot of love at home and I learnt all I know from Daddy Long Legs. All I know is fighting your way to the top is hard. Sometimes you're being adored and sometimes squashed like a bug. But I'll take the risks because I want to win The Masked Singer."
2 "I love being a spider, and I love weaving a web of confusion. So, what type of spider am I? Exotic. Other than that, I'm just like you. I put my pants on four legs at a time. For this spider, music has always been important to me. No matter what else I've been doing, it's always in the mix. I need to stay fit to do what I do. And I have to exercise muscles that other people don't even think about. If I don't, I feel flat all day. But as they say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Or, call a fireman, but don't burn. The Masked Singer is my prey, and I'm going to sink my fangs into it. Watch out everyone, the Spider's on the loose."
3 "Some people are scared of spiders, but the panel seems to like this arachnid. And I love that they are trapped in my web of confusion. My initial fame has a golden aura. I like to hang out with the girls, but not all the time. Sometimes you're part of a team, and sometimes you're an individual. But a dream can come true. When you believe, anything is possible."
4 "I know Australian spiders have a dreadful reputation, but I'm not like that. I wouldn't hurt a fly. I've done things nobody would ever expect. Hitting the heights for an Olympic sport was more than just a childhood dream. And who knew it would take this spider into the heart of Hollywood. But performing for the young has probably been my own PB. It was like heaven on earth. That is where I got my power, and tonight you're going to hear some more of that power."
"I'm star struck by the amazing voices I'm hearing. I sometimes feel like I've done it all, but don't believe everything you read on the web. I approach everything I do with love. There's no venom in this spider. I'm all heart. Thanks to my upbringing, I don't scare easily. It takes a lot to turn this spider to jelly. I just want to spread the word and spread the joy, and that's what I'm going to do tonight."

("My family was instrumental and making me who I am.")

("We spiders are very level-headed, but I famously got carried away.")

(I came to team work later in my life, but I find real happiness in a group of girls.")

("I can sing prayers in a popular Papua New Guinea dialectic, although I haven't in a very long time.")

("I am a person in faith. I was raised that way, but that doesn't mean I'm perfect. All of us make mistakes along the way, because we're human.")

Clue Answers
Photo of 'Rachel' (From 'Friends') + Marron (Black Lobster) refers to her role as 'Rachel Marron' in the musical 'Bodyguard'.
'Golden aura': Australian Idol 2003 - when 'Spider' sang in a golden dress and was controversially fat shamed by judge Ian 'Dicko' Dickenson.
'I'm star struck...' refers to 'Spider' winning the talent show Starstruck in 2001.
The photo of Pope Benedict XVI refers to 'Spider' performing for the pope at the 2008 World Youth Day.

Final Guesses[]

Week Jackie's Guess Lindsay's Guess Dave's Guess Dannii's Guess
4 Paulini Paulini Kate Miller-Heidke Jessica Mauboy


  • Dannii had previously guessed Paulini to be the Octopus.
  • Dave guessed Spider to be Kate Miller-Heidke, who went on to be Queen in Season 2
  • She was guessed to be LaToya Jackson, who went on to be the American Alien.
  • The judges's guess Betty White passed away at age 99.