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Snake Wife (หน้ากากเมียงู / Na-Gak Mia-Ngoo) is a masked celebrity and the winner of the ninth season of The Mask Singer.


Snake Wife (เมียงู) is one of common Thai-styled "freak shows" in temple fairs. Snake Wife refers to a seductive young woman who has the ability to live with a dangerous snake (either venomous or non-venomous).

As a costume, Snake Wife is an entirely white and covered in diamond. The mask is the head of cobra with red eyes, the costume also has a snake body wrapped around.


Week Song Selection Result
4 วิท'ลัยหลายใจ + รักแท้ในคืนหลอกลวง by Hyper SAFE
8 Hello Mama by TaitosmitH
ทางกลับบ้าน by Bodyslam
11 เปราะบาง by Bodyslam WIN
13 คิดถึง by Peacemaker
แค่ได้คิดถึง by Yarinda Boonnak
คิดถึง by Bodyslam
14 Live & Learn by Boyd Kosiyabong WINNER


  • Along with Wichayanee, Napat, Warawut, and Jaruwat are the winners of a Thai singing competition, The Star, who altogether host a comedy singing/acting variety show named See Po Dam (4 โพดำ - 4 Black Spade).
    • Warawut, in the Bingo costume, also competed on the same season as him.
  • Jaruwat and Thanatat competed on a Thai singing competition together, The Star Season 8. Jaruwat is the Winner, while Thanatat finished as the Runner-up.