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Season 6 of the German version of The Masked Singer was announced on February 15, 2022[1] and premiered on March 19, 2022 and concluded on April 23, 2022.

Guest Judges[]

Episode Guest Judge
1 Ralf Schmitz
2 Giovanni Zarrella
3 Carolin Kebekus
4 Linda Zervakis
5 Nico Santos
6 Riccardo Simonetti

Contestant Progress[]

Rank Photo Contestant/ Celebrity Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6
1st TMS-GM S6-Zebra.jpg Zebra - Ella Endlich WIN WIN WIN WIN BTM4 SAFE SAFE 1st
2nd TMS-GM S6-Dornteufel.jpg Dornteufel (Thorny Devil) - Mark Keller WIN BTM4 WIN WIN BTM4 SAFE SAFE 2nd
3rd TMS-GM S6-Discokugel.jpg Discokugel (Disco Ball) - Jeanette Biedermann WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN SAFE 3rd
4th TMS-GM S6-Ork.png Ork (Orc) - Nora Tschirner BTM4 WIN WIN BTM3 WIN ELIM
5th TMS-GM S6-Seestern.jpg Seestern (Starfish) - Jasna Fritzi Bauer WIN BTM4 BTM4 BTM3 ELIM
6th TMS-GM S6-Gorilla.jpg Gorilla - Rúrik Gíslason WIN WIN BTM4 WIN ELIM
7th TMS-GM S6-Galax'Sis.jpg Galax'Sis - Joana Zimmer BTM4 [note 1] BTM4 ELIM
8th TMS-GM S6-Koala.jpg Koala - Paul Potts WIN BTM4 ELIM
9th TMS-GM S6-Möwe.jpg Möwe (Seagull) - Cherno Jobatey BTM4 ELIM
10th TMS-GM S6-Brilli.jpg Brilli - Jeannine Michaelsen ELIM
The contestant won The Masked Singer Germany
The contestant was a runner-up.
The contestant placed third.
The contestant was safe from elimination.
The contestant won the face off.
The contestant lost the face off and was placed in the bottom but was not eliminated.
The contestant lost the face off and was placed in the bottom & was eliminated.
The contestant did not participate in the episode.



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  1. Galax'Sis didn't appear in Episode 2, due to testing positive for COVID-19.