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Season 5 of the German version of The Masked Singer was announced on March 18, 2021[1]. This announcement also confirmed that the season would premier on October 16, 2021[1]. The main judging panel consists of Ruth Moschner and Rae Garvey, with various guest judges being announced to be appearing in each episode.

Guest Judges[]

Episode Guest Judge
Ep. 1 Alvaro Soler
Ep. 2 Janin Ullmann
Ep. 3 Steven Gätjen
Ep. 4 Thore Schölermann
Ep. 5 Joko Winterscheidt
Ep. 6 Sasha

Contestant Progress[]

Rank Photo Contestant/ Celebrity Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6
1st TMS-GM S5-Mülli Müller.jpg Mülli Müller [note 1] - Alexander Klaws WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN SAFE SAFE 1st
2nd TMS-GM S5-Raupe.jpg Raupe [note 2] (Caterpillar) - Sandy Mölling WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN SAFE SAFE 2nd
3rd TMS-GM S5-Heroine.jpg Heldin[2] (Heroine) - Christina Stürmer WIN WIN WIN WIN BTM4 SAFE 3rd
4th TMS-GM S5-Pug.jpg Mops[3] (Pug) - Carolin Niemczyk WIN WIN BTM4 BTM3 BTM4 ELIM
5th TMS-GM S5-Axolotl1.jpg Axolotl[4] -Andrea Sawatzki WIN BTM3 BTM4 BTM3 ELIM
6th TMS-GM S5-Teddy.jpg Teddy[5] - Annemarie Carpendale BTM4 WIN [note 3] WIN ELIM
7th TMS-GM S5-Phönix.jpg Phönix[6] - Samuel Koch WIN WIN BTM4 ELIM
8th TMS-GM S5-Stinkier.jpg Stinktier[7] (Skunk) - Peter Kraus BTM4 BTM3 ELIM
9th TMS-GM S5-Hammerhead.jpg Hammerhai[8] (Hammerhead) - Pierre Littbarski BTM4 ELIM
10th TMS-GM S5-Chili.jpg Chili[3] - Jens Riewa ELIM

Online Masks[]

Photo Contestant/ Celebrity
TMS-GM S5-Tiger.jpg Tiger[9] - Barbara Meier




  1. Mülli Müller was revealed in the first episode alongside Raupe (Caterpillar).
  2. Raupe (Caterpillar) was revealed in the first episode alongside Mülli Müller.
  3. Teddy didn't perform in Episode 3, due to testing positive for COVID-19.