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Rank Photo Contestant/Celebrity Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6
A B A B A B A B Finale
1st MaskedSingerFRS2Penguin.jpeg Manchot (Penguin) - Larusso WIN WIN WIN WIN SAFE WIN 1st
2nd -MaskedSingerFRS2Robot .jpeg Robot - Daniel Lévi WIN WIN WIN WIN SAFE WIN 2nd
3rd MaskedSingerFRS2Dragon.jpeg Dragon - Issa Doumbia BTM3 WIN BTM2 SAFE SAFE BTM2 3rd
4th MaskedSingerFRS2Spider.jpeg Araignée (Spider) - Karine Ferri WIN WIN WIN BTM2 SAFE ELIM
5th MaskedSingerFRS2Shark.jpeg Requin (Shark) - Basile Boli BTM3 BTM5 WIN SAFE ELIM
6th MaskedSingerFRS2Octopus.jpeg Pieuvre (Octopus) - Liane Foly BTM3 BTM5 BTM2 ELIM
7th MaskedSingerFRS2Skeleton.jpeg Squelette (Skeleton) - Djibril Cissé WIN BTM5 WIN ELIM
8th MaskedSingerFRS2Owl.jpeg Hibou (Owl) - Dave BTM3 BTM5 ELIM
9th MaskedSingerFRS2Fox.jpeg Renarde (Fox) - Valérie Damidot WIN WIN ELIM
10th MaskedSingerFRS2Parrots.jpeg Perroquets (Parrots) - Igor & Grichka Bogdanoff WIN ELIM
11th MaskedSingerFRS2Mouth.jpeg Bouche (Mouth) - Frédérique Bel ELIM
12th MaskedSingerFRS2Wolf.jpeg Loup (Wolf) - Laure Manaudou ELIM