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Scarecrow is a contestant on the first series of The Masked Dancer UK.



Week Song Selection Placement
1 "September" by Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick WIN
"Timber" by Pitbull feat. Kesha SAFE
"Perfect" by Ed Sheeran SAFE
"Bye Bye Bye" by NSYNC SAFE
"Come Alive" by Years & Years & Jess Glynne ELIM


Week Clue
1 Stone the crows, look who it is. It's me, Scarecrow. Hi! I hope I didn't frighten you. Who am I kidding, I haven't scared anyone in years. That's the trouble with old charity clothes and a wonky, knitted smile. I'm just too cute. I'm wearing the latest up-cycled season. But the pesky crows, they just aren't scared of me. But I take great pride in my work, I've really dug in and I'm well grounded. And the best bit, I get to choose my pose every morning. I'm so excited, tonight is no night off. Break a wooden leg!
Us scarecrows are prone to creaking. We got the short straw. Some sort of curse. So, it's very important that I look after myself. These old timber arms are always well oiled. Believe me! And I might be well stuffed but I don't stop jumping hurdles. Let's just say, I've won awards for being outstanding in my field. Breaking news - us scarecrows do have brains. I love to read and write you know? I've started more than one true crime. And I worked at The Times in my heyday. Time to timber up for my performance. Have I got you stuffed to who I am?
Being stuck here gives me plenty of time to reflect on my crow-spooking career. Working with Wes, the wooden scarecrow in the opposite field, was so much fun, until he snapped in two. The Dale farmer had to cobble him together. He had to make do and "mendies". I'm on the field, come rain or shine. Protecting the harvest. But I haven't always been a country girl. I love heading back to the city. Don't stop me now. I'm gonna rise to the top of the crop with tonight's performance.
Wow, better than a day on the farm. Have you worked out who I am? It's true! I'm a born decoy. But don't bail on me just yet. It's often been said that I don't let crows walk all over me, and I don't stand "steel". That's for sure. My scarecrow life has been exciting in so many ways. It all feels like a big dream! But its not the "Beale" all and end all. I've been so lucky in life. The wooden boards I've trodden on! Oops! What am I like? I gave you a few scoops there.
Its been so much fun hiding behind this mask. But it's not for the first time. It's been so great. It really has exceeded all expectations. But this isn't the last straw. Look where I am, the Final! Can you detect that it's not the end of me yet?
Two Lies and a Truth Answer
I always believe it'll be alright on the night
I was always given a free ride
I was nominated for a Booker prize
Clue Answers
The east and west sign was a clue to Tamzin's role in Eastenders and West End appearances
The toy lorry was a clue to her Eastenders character being hit by a truck
'Oh an (Owen), my mask stays on' was a clue to her character name, Mel Owen
The magic wand in Scarecrow's pocket was a nod to her starring in 'New Tricks'
'It's not all the be all (Beale) and end all' was a hint to her Eastenders character being married to Ian Beale

Final Guesses[]

Week Mo's Guess Davina's Guess Holly's Guess Oti's Guess Jonathan's Guess
1 Michelle Keegan Patsy Palmer Michelle Keegan Amanda Redman Stephen Mulhern



  • Scarecrow is the only finalist who was never at risk of elimination.
  • On The Masked Singer, Jonathan had previously guessed Tamzin to be the Fox in season 1.
  • Davina guessed Scarecrow to be Patsy Palmer however she was Butterfly in the first series of The Masked Singer (UK).