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Sausage is a masked celebrity contestant on the second UK series of The Masked Singer.


Sausage resembles a hot dog sausage with chips in a newspaper cone. The sausage parts of the costume are made from red velvet. She has a wide open smile, vivid blue eyes, and a nose resembling a casing knot. The head/ mask itself is surrounded by french fries/chips and she wears a newspaper wrapping that updates every episode. Under the newspaper cone, Sausage wears a pair of denim jeans with a rolled up hem and a pair of black sneakers.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Skin" by Rag n Bone Man WIN
3 "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" by Jennifer Hudson BTM2
5 "All Around the World" by Lisa Stansfield SAFE
6 "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor SAFE
7 "Good as Hell" by Lizzo SAFE
“Rise Up” by Andra Day SAFE
8 "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston SAFE
“Rise Up” by Andra Day WINNER

Face-off Songs[]

Week VS Song
3 Swan "Don't Let Go (Love)" by En Vogue


Week Clue
1 Hello, It's me, Sausage. The thing about sausages is they're a combination of a little bit of everything and I guess you could say the same about me. With my chips and my newspaper wrapping, I might look a bit of a tomboy but I really am a girly girl. I love a bit of glam but that doesn't mean I can't have fun, and to be honest, I'm a bit of a silly sausage, I just want to have a laugh. and tonight I'm singing a real banger.
3 Okay, let me catch up on my last performance. Wow, what a great response. I'm overwhelmed cause honestly, I'm just a regular old sausage. The panel tried really hard to get scoop on who I am. This sausage has certainly put the panel in a pickle and I'm relishing every moment. The thing with sausages is that they can be gourmet or they can be no nonsense and I'm definitely a bit of the latter. I don't mind speaking my mind and following my own path, but ultimately I love a bit of a simple life. I don't need a glam party, I'm very happy with a couple of beers and a bag of potato snacks. I'm equally at ease with a night in at home. You'll most likely find me with a hammer and a set of nails because I do love a bit of D.I.Y. Tonight, I am going to sizzle as I serve up another tasty treat.
5 In my last performance, Oh My God, I loved it I was so nervous, I was quaking in my little sausage boots. None of the panel are close are they ooh they might be ha-ha. The joy of this mask is that you're totally trying to guess what I look like. Okay, I'll be honest with you, someone once said I looked like a horse. I do enjoy hiding my face behind this mask, although it's not the first time I've made sure you can't see my face in my work. Tonight the chips are down and I'm just hoping I can cut the mustard.
6 I am really, really relishing keeping my identity hidden. Someone might have already said my name in the competition. But, I'm not prepare to reveal my sauce, ha ha ha. Just like certain types of art, sausages are universal. Think about it, it doesn't matter where you go. Every country has their own version. There's chorizo, bratwurst, snags, wieners, and I'm very lucky to have travel to see some of these places. That doesn't mean I've done it in style though. Oh, no. I don't need luxury. Give me a camper van anytime. I'll sleep anywhere. Travel is one of my favorite things. It helps me to feel young at heart. Hopefully tonight, we will see this sausage roll on to the next round.
7 In my last performance, I sung "I Will Survive" and I did, a-ha-ha. They know I'm a funny girl, but do they know who I really am? Sausages aren't often the subject of fairytales. But maybe, that's about to change. Look as this little sausage has some tales to tell. I could tell you about the time I snagged myself a king. Or I was once on the menu for a princess. I could tell you about the time I've duked it out. But then I'd also have to tell you that I'm not a fighter. I'm a true romantic though. And I guess one of my favorite tales was seeing some very important people. Get to say "For better or wurst." Tonight's the semifinal! Whoo, and I'm it won't be the end of this sausage's story.
8 In the semifinals, this sausage was smoking. Tonight, they'll finally get to meet the singer behind the sausage. Well, here we are. It's the last stop on the tour. But, it's time to confess. I might be a sausage, but I'm entirely plant-based. I've not lied to you, the clues have been there all along. But I wanted to play the game and have fun. Don't think I'm a villain. Although, I have been in the past. Tonight, I'm gonna channel some good vibes and give you some final food for thought.
Two Lies and a Truth
My hair colour is certified by law.
Someone once said "I look like a pop star, I sound like a pop star, and I am a pop star".
I owe my career to a horse.
Clue Answers
Joss is a singer, actor, model and voice artist, hence "Sausages are a combination of a little bit of everything".
She's a soul singer from Dover, which is why dover sole appeared on the chip shop menu in her clue VT.
The clue song 'All Around The World' was a clue to Joss having performed in every country in the world, apart from one.
"Snagged myself a king" was a clue to Joss playing Anne of Cleves in The Tudors and marrying King Henry.
Joss attended the royal wedding of William and Kate, hence "Seeing some important people say for better or wurst".
Unmasked Answers
Her album covers are either close ups of part of her face or illustrations.
She performs bare foot as she struggles to balance in shoes.

Final Guesses[]

Episode Mo's Guess Davina's Guess Nicola's Guess Rita's Guess Jonathan's Guess
8 Beverley Knight Fergie Stacey Solomon Leona Lewis Sheridan Smith


  • Sausage is the second female contestant to win The Masked Singer in the UK version.
  • She was the only finalist who had to perform again in the Face-Off.
  • When Sausage was announced as the winner, "Skin" by Rag'n'Bone Man was played.
  • Sausage is the first winner of the British version of the show that was at risk of being eliminated earlier in the competition.
  • The show was recorded when Joss was heavily pregnant in September 2020, making her the first pregnant mask.
  • Jonathan had previously guessed Joss to be the Butterfly in series 1.
  • Jonathan also guessed Joss in this series for Harlequin.
  • She is also the first contestant to say that her name had been said earlier in the competition, in this case, it had been said for Harlequin earlier in that same episode.
  • At 33 years old at the time of her unmasking, Sausage is the youngest winner in the British series.
  • This is the first food contestant to be on the masked singer UK version. (Doughnuts was the 2nd)
  • Sausage is the first UK finalist that none of the panel guessed before unmasking. She was followed by Panda.
    • Coincidentally, both won the UK version of the show in their respective seasons.
  • Joss Stone was a guest panelist on the grand final of the third series. None of her guesses were correct.