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Sapo (translated as Toad) is a masked celebrity on the third season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.


Sapo wears black puffy pants with white lines, a dark green satin coat with fabric flowers, a red tie with flowers, old mismatched boots, and a crooked black top hat with some playing cards. The mask is a toad's head with yellow eyes and a long tongue that reaches up to his top hat.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Botella Tras Botella" by Gera MX & Christian Nodal WIN
5 "Leave The Door Open" by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic BTM2
6 "Yonaguni" by Bad Bunny ELIM

Máscara vs. Máscara Songs[]

Week VS Song Selection Result
5 Monstruo de las Nieves "Te Aprovechas" by Grupo Límite SAFE


Week Clue (Translated)
1 "Ladies and gentlemen, with you the Toad! Ribbit. Here comes the most distinguished amphibian on this premiere Sunday. Ribbit. They gossip that with a kiss I become a prince, or that I am a legend who has traveled the whole world, is it true? Well, give me a kiss and you'll see. Ribbit. They also say that I'm half crazy, and well... if the river sounds.... ribbit. Besides, they say I come from the sun, but what they don't know is that my mind is a little mess. Ribbit, Ribbit. Come on in! Because if I send you flowers, it's because I sow what I reap, of course. Ribbit. And if I lose my way, I handle things with a lot of class. I inhale... anxiety... and exhale... love, because here everything changes from one side to the other. I don't know where it is, but... I want everyone to scream at the same time... Go Toad!"
5 "Ladies and gentlemen, here's another Sunday with you, the Toad! Here I am, here I am, I may be distinguished but in here, sigh... I'm as normal as anyone else. And people talk, but this little singing toad likes to be invisible. I'm liking that of covering the marks on my skin, but I'd better... run! Quiet, something is heard... oh it's just me, it's my heart that I was able to rescue from a heartbreak, because my fantasy is a place in harmony, I inhale peace... and exhale anxiety, ribbit ribbit. We'd better go slow, because even if there are many friends, some jumps are made in the... ranger style! How not? Are you all ready for a great show? Because with this singer we're all going to jump! Ribbit ribbit."
6 "Ladies and gentlemen, being here has changed our lives, so let's enjoy this moment, cheers! My gallantry has charmed the panelists, of course, I am a enchanting little toad, don't you believe me? Enchanted! Ribbit, ribbit, haha... but sometimes the magic gets stuck, ribbit. Enchanted! Enchanted? Aaargh!"
(Big Mask): "Toad jumps into the confession room."
"Well, I'll be damned!"
(Big Mask): "Toad, stop enchanting your companions."
"It's my nature, my heart has no frontiers. Oww! The scare turned my tummy."
(Big Mask): "Toad, to the confession room."
"I must confess that this is not the first time I have had to run out of a room because of problems with my tummy... oww, wait for me, hold on, ribbit."
(Big Mask): "Toad, stop eating pantheon flies."
"It was the worms! Ribbit. Light up the stage! That the enchanting little Toad will make your heart sing."
Clue Answers
He says he comes from the sun as a reference to the flag of Argentina.
He mentioned that he can be alone or with friends, alluding to his singing career.
He carries in his top hat a card with the world, because his career has taken him around the world.

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Erika's Guess Juanpa's Guess Mónica's Guess Yuri's Guess
6 Noel Schajris Lisardo Leonel García Gian Marco Noel Schajris


  • The mask was revealed on September 26, 2021.[1]
  • Sapo made a guest appearance in the fifth clue package for Carnívora.