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Rottweiler is a masked celebrity contestant on the second US season of The Masked Singer.


The mask for the Rottweiler resembles a standard Rottweiler's head with two large brown eyes and an orange baseball cap. The costume consists of a brown fur coat, gold necklace, jeans and sneakers. In addition, the Rottweiler's torso shows 8-pack abs.

During his performance of “Mr. Brightside”, which took place during the week of Christmas, Rottweiler’s baseball cap was replaced with a large Santa hat. He also wore a sweater with a reindeer pictured on it.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Maneater" by Hall & Oates WIN
5 "Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic SAFE
6 "Castle on the Hill" by Ed Sheeran SAFE
7 "Grenade" by Bruno Mars WIN
9 "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi SAFE
"Mr. Brightside" by The Killers SAFE
10 "Alive" by Sia RUNNER-UP


Week Clue
1 "Every top dog knows you've got to look your best in order to perform your best. And the first time I touched the pigskin under the Friday night lights, I learned preparation is key. Being a hungry competitor is actually how I rose to fame. It happened almost overnight. I chose 'the Rottweiler' because I actually was bitten by one as a kid. Now, this is an opportunity to embody my fear, and to show the doubters it's not over. This pretty pup's got chops, and I'm ready to take a bite out of this competition."
5 "I've been judged from the moment I entered the game. So blowing the panel away with my bark meant everything to me. It showed me that I'm capable of succeeding on my own, and I want it that way. Despite being a humble pup, I knew early on I was meant to be a star. You could say it all started thanks to musical theater and makeup. But despite how versatile my skill is, my pedigree wasn't fully recognized, until now. So tonight, this dog's gonna show off some new tricks because I plan to be here till the end, or at least until the love runs out."
6 "When I started this competition, I never would have imagined I'd make it this far. Getting all the love from these past few weeks has made me feel so grateful. Let me tell you, the story of my life didn't always looked like this. I didn't take the conventional route to stardom. And while there were tough times, I wouldn't change a single moment. Because it's led me to every opportunity I've had, on screen and off. Tonight, I'm leaving my heart on the stage and showing a side of myself I don't normally share because I'm not ready to take this mask off anytime soon."
7 "Being on this stage is the most fun I've had in as long as I can remember. But truth be told, I'm terrified of the panel finding out my true identity and judging me because of it. So I've been training every day to make sure I won't be unmasked anytime soon. Because here, I can finally be seen for just my voice and pure talent. Everything is zen. I want to win this more than anything I've ever wanted in my career. With this song, I'm ready to show the lengths I'll go to win that golden mask."
9 "I'm doing my best to be a Zen dog, week after week, I've tried to face my insecurities. My self doubt can really get me stuck in my head so I take time to meditate every day, even if it's only for 30 seconds. I like to imagine myself in a tranquil pool, swimming from the deep end to the shallow. Zeroing in on the present has really helped focus my so-called life. Tonight, for the first time, I'm an open book."
9 "Being in the costume is maybe the most present I've been. It's like everything else shuts out, and I'm able to just be. I wish you could see my face in the mask because, like, I'm smiling ear to ear. This time of year, I'm always home with my family. So it's hard being away and keeping this all a secret. But I know it'll all be worth it when I see the surprised look on my family's faces. They are the reason I'm here. We don't have a dog now, but I'm pretty sure this is going to make us get one. 'The Rottweiler' has become an extension of me, and I'm eating it up. I'm loving it. I don't want it to end."
10 "The first time I walked onto this stage, it felt like a new beginning for me. My big break happened when I was just a pup, and I never really got a say in defining who I was. I spent years trying to live up to everyone else's idea of who I should be. And although I've fought hard to forge my own path, it's been impossible to change the way people see me, until now. Here, I've been given the most amazing opportunity to break that mold. And winning this would show everyone who's ever underestimated me that I'm capable of so much more than they or even I thought I was."
Week Physical Clue
6 Drawn Portrait of Triumph
Week Gift
9 Holiday Card
Clue Answers
The blue roses in Rottweiler's package are a clue to Chris' favorite tattoo on his left shoulder.
The painting of Triumph that Rottweiler presented is a clue to Chris' work as a comic book artist.
The crime scene in Rottweiler's package hints to Chris' guest appearance on "CSI: NY."
The vacuum in Rottweiler's package is a clue to Chris' former career as a vacuum cleaner salesman.
Other Clue Answers
His line of showing "the doubters it's not over" is a reference to Daughtry's hit song, "It's Not Over".

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
9 Darren Criss Jason Mraz Dave Franco Darren Criss


  • Chris Daughtry is the first former American Idol contestant to appear on The Masked Singer. The second was Tori Kelly as Seahorse and the third was Katharine McPhee as the Split part of Banana Split.
    • Chris and Katharine competed together in the fifth season of American Idol, finishing 4th and 2nd respectively.
  • He is the first contestant to release an official cover of their finale song after being unmasked. He was followed by LeAnn Rimes as Sun in Season 4 and Jewel as Queen of Hearts in Season 6.
  • Rottweiler is the second dog-themed mask on the US version of The Masked Singer, after Poodle in Season 1. This was followed by Bulldog in season 5 and Dalmatian in season 6, as well as McTerrier in Season 7.
  • He is the first dog-themed mask to make to the finale.
    • In 2nd place, he's also the highest ranking dog-themed mask.
  • Rottweiler is the second contestant to ever make it to the finale without ever being guessed by the panel.
  • Rottweiler is the first runner-up who performed last in the season.
  • Rottweiler was guessed to be Nick Lachey, who was the Piglet in season 5.