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Rosa (translated to Rose) is a masked celebrity contestant on the second brazilian season of The Masked Singer Brasil.



Week Song Selection Result
1 "Amor, I Love You" by Marisa Monte ELIM


Week Clue
1 "In my life, as Rose, I'm used to getting attention. And I guarantee it won't be different on stage at The Masked Singer Brasil. I bloom wherever I plant myself. I look delicate, but be careful, I know how to use my thorns very well. I'm here to conquer you, just like I've done with all of Brazil. You can call me Diva! There's no way to escape, by word of mouth or virtual, Rose conquers her space even more."
"As a good flower, I love the Sun! I'm a solar person!"
Favorite color: Blue
Clue Answers
"You can call me Diva!" is a reference to her nickname "Diva".

Final Guesses[]

Week Sorocaba's Guess Tatá's Guess Rodrigo's Guess Taís' Guess Eduardo's Guess
1 Narcisa Tamborindeguy Deolane Bezerra Elisa Lucinda Viih Tube Zezé Motta

First Impressions[]

Sorocaba's First Impression Tatá's First Impression Rodrigo's First Impression Taís' First Impression Eduardo's First Impression
Hortência Leilane Neubarth Solange Couto Valesca Popozuda Angela Bismarchi


  • The mask was showcased along with Motoqueira on January 9, 2022.
    • Coincidentally, they were both the first two of group A to be eliminated, being Rosa first, and then Motoqueira.
  • Eduardo had previously guessed Gretchen as his first impression for Maria Bonita in the same season.
  • Eduardo's first impression was Angela Bismarchi, who was evicted after Gretchen in a Brazilian reality show called A Fazenda.
  • After her unmasking, Ivete joined her on stage to sing "Amor, I Love You", just like she did with Brigadeiro in Season 1.
  • Gretchen told that her second song would be "Menina Solta" by Giulia Be.