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Robobunny is a masked celebrity contestant on the third season of The Masked Singer UK.


Robobunny resembles a yellow and black transformer-style robot controlled by a male grey rabbit. There are greenhouses on the robot's shoulders with carrots inside. On the back, there's a QR code, which gives clues when scanned.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Saving All My Love For You" by Whitney Houston WIN
2 "Shallow" by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga SAFE
4 "Dynamite" by BTS BTM2
5 "The Music of the Night" from The Phantom of the Opera SAFE
6 "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Judy Garland SAFE
"Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" by Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus
7 "Run" by Leona Lewis 3RD PLACE
"I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)" by George Michael & Aretha Franklin with Nicola Roberts (as Queen Bee)


Week Clue
1 [IN A DEEP VOICE] "Salutations, humans. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ro-ro-bo-bo- [MALFUNCTIONS, TRANSITIONS TO NORMAL BUT STILL DISTORTED VOICE] -Bunny! You thought it was a real tough guy, eh? Well that's just my shell. I'm actually a real softie who's part of a machine. Now I'm not going to 'rabbit' on about hard exteriors, but I will say, that I'm here to 'Control-Alt-Delete' what you know about me. So buckle up, because I came to play. Let's hop to it!"
2 "In my first performance, my metal was tested as the panel tried to get a laser focus on the person behind the bunny. They hit me with their best shot, but they'll need to swing bigger to land a hit on this rabbit. Doing what I do, it can feel like everyone wants a piece of you, literally. I'm talking 'hare' today, gone tomorrow, so it's nice when I get the time to head back to base and enjoy some time on the ranch. Nothing makes me happier than standing on my deck with nothing around me, but a little bit of country. Now, I might be a small bunny in a big mechanical suit, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good boogie! You're really wondering who I am right now aren't you? Well, get in line! I'm taking to the stage again so get ready. Here we go! 5, 6, 7, 8!"
4 “In my last performance, the panel were deeply moved by my version of “Shallow”, but they’ve still not even given one name that’s close. Ha-Ha-Ha! I LOVE IT! It’s well known that rabbits come from big families, and this bunny is no exception. You could definitely say it was Poppa Bunny who inspired my talent. And that’s the gospel truth. You want another truth? Sometimes people have said isn’t SHE good. Confused? Great!”
5 “Last time, I sung “Dynamite“. But have they rumbled this rabbit? I’m not telling. Being a Robobunny… [SUIT POWERS DOWN] Hey, can I get some help over here? [SUIT POWERS UP] Thank you! As I was saying, being a bunny, sometimes your batteries can feel a little bit drained, and you need to take time out to recharge, otherwise you could shut down completely. Hitting the reset button might seem like a scary thing to do, but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And I couldn’t be happier. Tonight, I’m all charged up and ready to put on a show.”
6 "The panel still can't place the voice, and I'm not planning on getting busted anytime soon. HA-HA-HA! Everyone knows a bunny's got a "tail", but this bunny's got tales to tell, and I've got a very special way of doing that. Stories are personal things, and even though you might read plenty about me, being able to put things in my own words, and in my own voice, has always been very rewarding. You can do whatever you like with words, they can express emotions, take you to far-off places, and let you soar to great heights! Tonight, my performance will be filled with plenty of rocket fuel."
7 “It’s been a heap of fun hearing all the panel’s guesses. They think they’re getting closer, but they’re not even in the right feild. Tonight is the last mile of the competition and against all odds, I reached the final level. I’ve hopped genre to genre to try and keep you guessing, but will I make the ‘Hall of Fame’. I played a long game, but it’s tonight that we say farewell and the mask comes off. But will it be the person you thought it was hiding behind the bunny? Only you can decide.”
First Episode Clue
"I might be made of metal but that doesn’t stop me making a splash."
Two Lies and a Truth Answer
These metal shoes are made for more than moonwalking.
I'm not one for revenge, but I'll always get payback.
It was a knockout performance that launched my career.
Social Media Clue
"You guys have been asking how you can get built like me. I never leave the hutch without carrot capsules, great for the eyesight, and grease, that's great for oiling those squeaky joints. The link's in my bio!"
News Reporter Clue
"It was a case of Easter coming early, for one rabbit, this year when they discovered that they were going to be immortalised in the Easter Hall of Fame. Local artisans will sculpt the heavy metal icon out of the traditional ingredients found in easter eggs. One women said seeing him up there in chocolate will melt my heart."
Final Clue
"Winning The Masked Singer would be my second greatest achievement."
Panel's Question Answer
"Are you American?" I can't tell you where I'm from but I have circumnavigated the world over ten times."
Clue Answers
The 14 carrots in Robobunny's greenhouse referenced the number of Westlife's No.1's.
Westlife formed after appearing in their school musical 'Grease', hence the tin of grease in the social media clue.
The sofa and TV in the VT were a hint to Mark appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox.
The clue song 'Dynamite' nodded to Westlife's track of the same title.
A previous QR code revealed the 3 years that Westlife sung at the Royal Variety Show - 1999, 2000 and 2003.

Final Guesses[]

Week Mo's Guess Davina's Guess Joss' Guess Rita's Guess Jonathan's Guess
7 Donny Osmond Charlie Simpson Prince Harry Mark Feehily Ronan Keating



  • Robobunny is the first UK contestant to feature a moving mouth.
  • Robobunny does his songs as solo duets.
  • In his first clue package, Robobunny speaks in a deep voice. For his other clue packages, he speaks in his normal voice.
  • Robobunny sometimes does a jaw drop with their movable mouth. For example, after Joel talks about how the Face Off voting works, Robobunny responds with a jaw drop. When he is announced as the face off winner, his mouth opens again.
  • The rabbit and mech suit are actually two different personas, each with their own distinct voice. They switch back and forth between each other during performances. Robobunny acknowledges this in his performance of "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart", when the rabbit yells out "Robo!"
  • Mo guessed Robobunny to be Donny Osmond. However, he played Peacock in the American version. He also appeared as a guest panelist in the first series.
  • Robobunny also sang with Queen Bee in the duet part in the Series 3 Final.
  • He's the eighth foreign contestant in the show after Daisy, Unicorn, Monster, Viking, Badger, Bagpipes, and Rockhopper.
  • Both Robobunny and Corppi performed "Music Of The Night" and wound up in 3rd place.
  • Both Robobunny and Wolf (AU) performed "Shallow" and made it to the final.
  • Seahorse (UK) and Robobunny have the same birthday.