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Robin is a masked celebrity contestant on the second UK series of The Masked Singer.


Robin has silver sparkly head with face red, they have a gold beak slightly open. They wear an open denim jacket revealing their red, reddish orange, and gold feathers on their chest. They also have shiny gold legs and feet with black claws. They also have red, reddish orange, and gold feathers behind their head.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake WIN
3 "Dance Monkey" by Tones and I SAFE
5 "Rockin' Robin" by Michael Jackson SAFE
6 "Closer" by Ne-Yo SAFE
7 "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran SAFE
"Footloose" by Kenny Loggins SAFE
8 "For Once in My Life" by Stevie Wonder 3RD PLACE


Week Clue
1 “Not too much, isn’t it? Ladies and gentleman... ..please put your hands together and make some noise for... Robin! What’s up, everyone? Are you ready to start rocking? I’m the Robin and I’m here to play. I’m fast, light on my feet and ready to go the distance. Think you can keep up? I’m trained and now I’m fighting fit for The Masked Singer. Bring on the competition. My costume is pretty fly, right? I’m certainly no square. Tonight, nobody is going to knock this Robin off his perch."
3 "In my last match, I took on an Alien. I had so much fun out there, I felt like I was in a world of my own! The panel fought to place my voice, but they haven't landed a solid hit. Will they have a better aim this evening? Sport has always been a huge part of my life. As a chick I would always be on the go. If I wasn't at the athletics track, then I'd be out on the pitch for a kickaround. I guess it's fair to say I always knew I'd be a footballer. Being out on the field, it takes a lot of coordination. It's like a kind of dance. Robins are in love with a distinctive red breast. It's sort of a team kit for the bird world. A kit I've worn proudly when I played alongside some sporting legends; and I really puffed out my chest with pride when I represented my country. Scoring a place in the next round will be another feather in my cap."
5 "In my last performance, I had the best time out there. This robin's here for the long run. I'm still in this competition and my mask is still on. But the panel need the luck of the Irish to pin the right name on me. For the most part, robins are cemetery birds. We might have wings but we don't stray far. Don't get me wrong, I've migrated all over the world. But some locations are just not for me. Robins know who we are and what we enjoy and that's a real strength. I don't wanna waste anytime not doing things I love. Focusing my energy are the things I'm good at. That's what allows me to bring the flavor. But, I'll let you in on a secret. It's the simple life that tastes the sweetest. Oh, thank you. Tonight, I'm gonna fly the nest once more and head for victory."
6 "Last time, the only air was rocking for this robin. And the panel started to get their teeth into their guesses. As a robin, you naturally stand out for other birds. It might surprise you, but I've not always been the bright and confident bird you see today. Being a chick wasn't always the easiest. So, I know what it's like to be praying upon being a bit different. That's why I used my voice to inspire birds like me. The most exciting aviary is one full of diversity. But the right help, you can teach anyone the super steps to transform a future self. And I know, just how valuable a mentor can be. Tonight, I'm puffing off my chest and singing my way to glory."
7 "In my last performance, the panel weren't in sync with their guesses. And I wanted that way. This robin might have a red breast, but he is also known for being blue. Starting out at any career right at a young age means you have to grow up fast. As a robin, I'm evolved quickly. You could say, my discovery was almost accidental. It's more than any young robin could've imagine. I don't need to tell you that though. That'd be preaching to the choir. Tonight, this robin is reaching for the high notes and hoping for success."
8 "In the semi finals, this songbird sawed. Whatever happens this evening, they'll finally see my face. But, is it the one they were expecting? Are they right? Who knows. Here we are again at the final in another competition. I should be an old hand right now. But, will I be wearing a winner's crown by the end of the evening? Last time, I was within reach of a crown, 17 million people were watching. All I'm aiming for is to do my best. I just hope I don't make a 'burke' myself. Tonight, just try and hold me down because it's time for this bird to take his final flight."
Two Lies and a Truth
My real name is out of this world
My habitat is tropical
I started performing by doing impressions
Clue Answers
The UFO poster in Aston's clue VT was a reference to JLS originally being called 'UFO'
"This Robin is known for being blue" was a clue to each member of JLS having a different colour - Aston's was blue
JLS performed in Albert Square for 'Children In Need' hence the sign in his clue VT
"My name fits like a glove" was a hint to Aston's surname Merrygold sounding like a merigold
The swingball in his clue VT was a nod to JLS standing 'Jack the Lad Swing'
Unmasked Answers
He trained to be a footballer but injury prevented a professional career
He played in Soccer Aid alongside footballing legends
He's known for his dance moves and signature backflips
17 million people tuned in to see JLS perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
The smokey doors are a hint to him appearing on Stars in their Eyes as a young Michael Jackson

Final Guesses[]

Episode Mo's Guess Davina's Guess Nicola's Guess Rita's Guess Jonathan's Guess
8 Olly Murs Nicky Byrne Aston Merrygold Aston Merrygold Alexandra Burke



  • Robin is the only Series 2 finalist who was never at risk of elimination.
  • Robin is the first contestant in the series to sing another contestant's song.
  • Robin sang a duet with Mushroom in the Series 3 final.
  • Just like USA's Flamingo, he sang Footloose and came in 3rd place.
  • At select points in the competition the panellists guessed Robin to be Michael Owen or Will Young, but they were Doughnuts and Lionfish in the third Series.