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Ram is a masked celebrity on the seventh US season of The Masked Singer.


The Ram is heavily inspired by a Roman gladiator. The costume includes a big red plume on the top of its helmet. The mask shows two golden ram horns based on the traditional appearance of a ram, with two black eyeholes. The torso resembles a piece of golden-colored armor, that includes a six-pack, a brown strap, and a golden belt. The Ram also has a brown cape and shoulder plates, as well as a pair of black pants.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick SAFE
2 "Learn To Fly" by Foo Fighters ELIM

Duel Performance[]

Week VS Song Selection
2 Firefly "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver


Week Clue
1 "Hey girl! Is your man as scruffy as a billy goat before his yearly sheering? Do you wish he was scoring the soothe look of a real ram? Say hello to the ramscaper. The secret to getting my head in the game and my presentation on point. Papa ram taught me everything I know including the art of ramscaping. And I've been following in his footprints for my whole life. It turned me from small young buck, to real deal ram. Ramscaper: Don't be a sheep, be a ram."
Week Mega Clue
2 Emmy envelope
Clue Answers
The referee's touchdown signal refers to Ram's touchdown calls.
The antlers in the clue package are a reference to Ram's last name, Buck.
The horse is a nod to Ram's early career calling horse races.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Eric's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
2 Joe Buck Jason Biggs Joe Buck Jason Sudeikis Kelly Slater


  • The mask was first teased in a preview on January 30, 2022[1] before officially being revealed on February 13, 2022.[2]
  • Ram is in the "Bad" group, along with Cyclops, Queen Cobra, Jack in the Box and Hydra.
  • Ram is based on Ares, the god of war.
  • Originally, the plume at the top of Ram's head was supposed to be blue, but was changed to red later on.
  • Ram is the seventh mask to not sing his final song after being unmasked.