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Queen is a masked celebrity contestant on the second season of The Masked Singer Australia.


Queen's costume consists of a black and gold dress with puffy sheer sleeves and collar. The dress also features a large detachable black shirt with golden ornamental accents. In their third performance, this skirt was removed to reveal a short, flouncy skirt. Under the costume, the contestant also wears black latex tights and gloves. The mask itself; is a gold female's face, with an elaborate golden crown on top therefore signifying her as a Queen.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd WIN
2 "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones SAFE
3 "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" by Marilyn Monroe SAFE
4 "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift SAFE
5 "Lose You to Love Me" by Selena Gomez SAFE
6 "Dancing on My Own" by Robyn SAFE
7 "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor RUNNER UP


Week Clue
1 "I am The Queen, I'm in charge of all I slain, and desired to rule the world. Only The Masked Singer stands in my way. My glorious stature doesn't register in my humble beginnings. I was expected to be known by my Italian works, but had to wane, and followed my own royal path by popular demand, and I have been rewarded with the rarest of metals. I remember the coldest times as a child, and yet I was never cool. Yes, I have known the highs and the lows, sometimes at the same time. Life doesn't take you where you think it will, even if you'll be a Queen one day. Thirteen times I've been a bridesmaid, but never the bride. Now it's my turn, I'm already a Queen, but I will be crowned The Masked Singer."
2 "A Queen can be many things, even when I was very, very naughty, I was applauded by my greatest critics. But, nobody puts baby in the corner. I'm constable in public, crowds don't bother me, although I do like to travel by coach. Yes, there have been many stages in my life. Sometimes I am The Queen, and sometimes the jester. But my sporting heritage cannot be denied. This is not my first time at being piggy in the middle. But I didn't let that experience get in my way. Every Queen reaches for the stars, standing on the shoulders of our loyal subjects. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but tonight will be my checkmate."
3 "One wasn't always a Queen. But it is a real title awarded by the folks of this country, who have supported me repeatedly. Achieving that is not a fly by night operation, or even twelve nights. As befitting a Queen my first professional performance was for Britain. I took the applause, not knowing if I could make it last, but it just didn't feel like home. I knew I needed to look elsewhere for fulfilment. Do people find me funny? In other words, do I have nil seriousness? I will not have it. I am The Queen. I'm not just one of the crowd, and I intend to stand out tonight."
4 "Being in the spotlight can play with your head. You don't know who you are from one month to the next. But I had one principal from the very start. So I kept a level head. After all, nobody wants to go pop. The Masked Singer is tough, especially getting near the pointy end. It's like facing gladiators in The Colosseum. I hope nobody calls me terrible. But you never have to tough it out alone, when your heart is in harmony with another. Growing up, I rejected dance, but still ended up being a dancing girl. I have never met a dance I didn't enjoy. When you're The Queen you can do anything. But choosing what to do, that's tough. We all write our own future, and you can write it as you like it. My immediate future is on the stage tonight, impressing you, my loyal subjects."
5 "As The Queen, my royal duties can be demanding. I have lost count of how many times I have helped my fellow man. I might be The Queen, but I couldn't do it without help. Being a Queen gives me access to the greatest designers and stylists. Do you like my dress? I also look good in white, which I have worn more than once. I do love a wedding. But, to be honest, I didn't do badly in a divorce either. I was singing before I could speak. But would that be my future? With my voice, there would be no arias for me. I am The Queen, and I will win The Masked Singer, even if it's my last day on earth."
6 "I am your Queen, a real Queen. It's often a title passed down from families. But I did it my way. The sound of white has been very good to me. Where is my King? Perhaps there was a legal separation, but the wedding was something special, even if it's not forever. I have been accused of having no seriousness. Me, The Queen? I rule the whole country with fairness. Although I do prefer the metropolitan area. I am The Queen. I am independent and the master of all I survey, and I shall soon be awarded another crown. The Masked Singer."
7 "I am your Queen. I am not afraid of death. In fact, it exposed me to a new world. It is part of something that has made me unique. Showbiz is tough, fame is fleeting. You could say it's hair today, gone tomorrow. Or maybe not. Do I like talk shows? Yes and no. One revealed my deepest darkest secret, and I felt cornered. Now your Queen stands before you, with just two challengers to defeat. Off with their heads."

("I certainly served my apprenticeship, but it wasn't on TV.")

("I've been to a polo club but I've never played polo.")

("These are the very first love letters I ever received, and a reminder of an important time in my life.")

("My early grandfather was an early member of the Communist Party of Australia. He loved Stalin and taught himself Russian from books.")

("When Jay Z and I played the same gig, he was very persuasive but I worked that crowd just as hard.")

("I'm obsessed with the art of storytelling and music is my medium. Stories lift me up, give me hope and make me feel less alone in the world.")

("There's a lot to escape in the world today, and I feel so lucky, Queen has made me feel strong, powerful, and resilient, and I'll carry a piece of her with me forever.")

Clue Answers
In reference to 13 times the bridesmaid - Queen has been nominated for 13 arias, but has sadly never won.
The sporting heritage reference points to Queen being related to 3 rugby league players, who played for Australia (All named Heidke).

Final Guesses[]

Week Dannii's Guess Dave's Guess Jackie's Guess Urzila's Guess
7 Kate Miller-Heidke Tina Arena Kate Miller-Heidke Lorde


  • Kate is the second opera singer to be on any series of The Masked Singer, with the first being Kitty from US Season 3.
  • Dave had previously guessed Kate to be the Spider in Season 1.
  • Kate tweeted about The Masked Singer during season 1, in response to the public extensively guessing she was the Spider. She tweeted "Stop saying I’m the ____ing spider on the masked singer. It’s obviously Anthony Callea", humorously referencing her longstanding feud with the singer.
  • In 2019, Kate represented Australia on Eurovision, making her and Wizard the first two Eurovision contestants on The Masked Singer Australia.
  • Her performance "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift was also Mushroom's walk in theme from the UK version.