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Pusu (translated as Kiss) is a masked celebrity contestant on the third season of Masked Singer Suomi, the Finnish version of The Masked Singer.


Pusu's face is red lips, while limbs are covered with black fabric.


Week Song Selection Result
4 "Honey" by Eveliina SAFE
6 "Mitä Mä Malagas?" by Gasellit and JVG SAFE
8 "I Kissed A Girl" By Katy Perry SAFE
10 "Lovely" By Billie Eilish ELIM


Week Clue
4 "What pleases more in the warm spring night than a gentle kiss from a friend? The right answer is Pusu, which is me! Even though I represent gentle mood and love, from head to toes, I might also be very wild Pusu! And to prove that, they have been wrestling with the bears on Siberia. And of course, I have survived, and have add some more shine after a battle. I also have a friend, Angelica. She has golden hair, and is one of those friends who you can talk to and always kiss-worthy. Did I mention that from these charming lips could sometimes slip this thing called "The kiss of Judas"? Especially with people I do not know, I may come up with anything in this world, and tell it swiftly as a truth. There is one thing Pusu won't do: Pusu will NEVER, have courage to sing at television, and will not be doing it at all by keeping their mouth shut. "
6 "Hello again everybody! I am known to get attention when around people and that's why I want to be on my best glow. If you are now looking at me, you might understand what is the most difficult item for Pusu to purchase: The lipstick. Sometimes red is not the correct color, but my wild side makes me switch red into black, put some heavy metal to my headphones and rivets to my wrists. Then in my exalted loneliness, I mosh in front of a mirror. When Pusu goes absolutely wild, then that's far away from fun and games. Badminton drives Pusu to a bestial fury. When the ball decorated with the feathers is not going where it is supposed to go, the bat, the net, the legs and the hands are gonna get it."
8 "What kind of kisses do you feel? gentle kisses? Passionate kisses? I tell you that there is also shy and frightful kisses. Although I love attention, still sometimes my inner side is controlled gnawingly a suspicion that i am not descriptive. Luckily Pusu has a friend, who leads them across the things and bridges. Pusu in fact is afraid of them. I remember it like yesterday, how i froze still halfway the bridge. Then my friend took my hand, letting me close my eyes to trust that i will be guided over the bridge. The world where I feel like home, is the world I can create! I don't have to fear anything there and I am in control. All i need is buttons and paper. Sometimes the words on paper evolves into actions. Now kisses for everyone!"
10 "I love to eat outside! The best part is to pack lots of food to bag. Then we go somewhere nice, either forest or the rocks next to sea to enjoy the hunger caused by the walking. If Pusu would not be Pusu, they would be the owner of patisserie. It would be absolutely good to wake up early in the morning and let the flour whirl! But in order to make this dream come true, it might need to be connected to Pusu's another dream: The dream of moving somewhere far away. Somewhere like Paris or New Zealand and start the new life where nobody knows Pusu yet. But today is not time for that, but it's time when you get Pusu as your guest."
Locker Clue
Doctor Book on page about Hemorrhoids
Pampering Name
Package Clue
Portrait of Princess Diana and Lip Balm
Clue Answers
"Angelique" is a reference to Miisa's imaginary friend.
"Wrestling in Siberia" is a reference to Miisa seeing a dream of herself wrestling with bears.
"The kiss of Judas" references Miisa meeting with stranger on a train and coming up with fake identity.
"The phobia of bridge" is a reference to a panic disorder Miisa has, which Princess Diana also has.
Miisa loves baking and has made videos about the topic.