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Pufferfish is a masked celebrity contestant on the sixth US season of The Masked Singer.


The Pufferfish costume consists of a salmon pink/nude colored trumpet gown with turquoise accents and bubble details, covered in jewels. Numerous turquoise ombre fins are positioned on the dress. The sleeves feature a strip of nude pleated fabric. The mask itself, is that of a turquoise pufferfish, with over-sized lips and eyes and large fin out the back with cascading fabric.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Say So" by Doja Cat SAFE
"Levitating" by Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby ELIM


Week Clue
1 "I'm excited about becoming the Pufferfish because I know a thing or two about defending myself. For most of my life, I mean, I wanted to blend in, but I just couldn't. I was that weird kid in science class who messed up all the experiments. And don't get me started about singing. I mean my voice was always different and not necessarily in a good way. I was ridiculed a lot, so I had to learn to stand up for myself. I think that's what made me so successful. Tonight, I'm hoping to stand out like I've done my whole life."
"When I was in school, I was sheltered. My household was very religious. While the other kids were off going to movies and listening to music, all of that was off limits to me, and I had to keep my dreams to myself. When I first rose to fame, I definitely turned heads. Some of the things I wore got people talking back at church- but I didn't care. It felt good to express myself. I'm leaning into that sexy side here. I feel like I'm at the Met Gala. And even though this gown is so me, I'm loving throwing off the panel by changing my voice. And I gotta say, I'm hoping to make their heads spin again tonight. I guess I've always loved getting people talking.
Locker Clue
Spelling Bee Champion Sash
Clue Answers
The word "guitarra" in Puffer Fish's first package is a clue to Toni's song "Spanish Guitar".
The bird in Puffer Fish's package is a nod to Toni's relationship with rapper, Birdman.
The scale in Puffer Fish's first package is a clue to the name of her sixth studio album, Libra.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
1 Jessica Alba
(First Impression)
Nelly Furtado Zoe Saldana Monica

First Impressions[]

Robin's First Impression Jenny's First Impression Ken's First Impression Nicole's First Impression
Jessica Alba Jennifer Lopez Issa Rae Paula Abdul


  • The mask was first teased in a preview on September 13, 2021 before officially being revealed on September 21, 2021.[1]
  • In The Official Masked Singer Podcast, it is revealed that Jenny mentioned Shakira while guessing who Pufferfish is in the first episode.
  • Pufferfish is the first contestant who wore a face mask while performing (both while masked and unmasked) due to her lupus.
  • The Pufferfish mask made a cameo in the Skunk's clue package for "House Party".
  • The panelists guessed Toni to be Night Angel in season 3.