Pineapple is a masked celebrity on the first season of The Masked Singer. It was later revealed to be comedian Tommy Chong.


The pineapple has a big head that wears sunglasses and also has a green-ish straw with a blue umbrella top. He wears a blue shirt with green & purple flowers. He also has a parrot on his shoulder. The pineapple also has a human body six pack. He also wears dark blue shorts with white. He has yellow feet and gloves along with black n' white flip flops.


Week Song
2 "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor


Week Clue
2 "Aloha, dudes. I become 'the Pineapple' because like me, they're fun, tropical, and go well with ham. Although I look happy now, I've gone through some dark times. After beating a life threatening disease, this OG has decided to take things as they come and never wipe the smile off my face. Though I've been in the public eye for decades, I've always dreamed of being a singer. So consider this a check off my bucket list. Life is short, man. You got to seize the day before your dreams go up in smoke."
Clue Answers
Cheech and Chong won a Grammy for best comedy recording in 1974.
Pineapple's mention of "up in smoke" was a clue to the 1978 film that made Cheech and Chong famous.
Pineapple's license plate number 52438T is Tommy's birthdate and the first letter of his name.
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Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
2 Sugar Ray Leonard Cheech Marin Jimmy Buffett Kid Rock


  • At 80 years old, Pineapple is the oldest contestant in the history of The Masked Singer.

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