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Piglet is a masked celebrity contestant on the fifth US season of The Masked Singer.


The Piglet is dressed to look like a small child. He wears a white button-up t-shirt underneath green and gold short suspenders. The shorts themselves are plaid and have golden buttons that connect to the elastic. Though it isn't visible in the official picture, there is a pink tail poking out of the back. On his feet are white sneakers with green laces; green and yellow socks are pulled up over his ankles. The mask itself is a big, pink, furry pig face with big blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Between two pointy ears is a green and yellow striped propeller hat. In the semifinals he wore a big yellow raincoat.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Speechless" by Dan + Shay SAFE
4 "Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)" by Andy Grammer SAFE
5 "7 Years" by Lukas Graham SAFE
7 "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters SAFE
8 "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)" by Phil Collins SAFE
9 "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder SAFE
10 "Bruises" by Lewis Capaldi SAFE
11 "Faithfully" by Journey WINNER


Week Clue
2 "My name is Piglet. I'm [oink] years old and I'm from [oink oink oink]. I haven't always been lucky in love. I admit, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic. Yeah, I'm guilty of dropping the "L" word on a second date. But hey, when you know, you know, right? Sure, I've given away a few roses, and the world saw my heart break. I learned that some flowers have very sharp thorns, I guess. But that's never stopped me from continuing to wear my heart on my sleeve. You know, it may sound crazy, but I see a future on that stage. So will you accept this pile of mud? It may only be the first round, but I'm falling for you already."
4 "Making my debut on this stage with four days notice was a wild ride. But I changed my nervous energy with a love song that made me feel right at home. Not everyone was a fan. Looking at you, Grandpa Monster. But when you get your eye on the prize, no pain, no tears, and no arch nemesis can stand in your way. I always had the chops, but it was my competitive nature that made me a hometown hero. When I got to the big leagues, I never anticipated a lifetime of competition with my arch rivals. But that only made me train harder because I never throw in the towel. Tonight, when those lights come on, it's Friday night all over again, even on a Wednesday. Clear eyes, full belly, can't lose."
5 "This experience has been the most unexpected jolt of adrenaline after such a static year, and all it took was putting on a pig costume. You know, years ago I was really getting grilled. It was a difficult time, but then [SQUEAKING] someone unexpected appeared and turned my life around. She rescued me from the heat and gave me a brand-new start. And because of her, now I'm a family man, which has brought a whole new purpose in my life. I finally found someone I want to grow old together with, which may be the best gift of them all."
7 "While you see me as the happy-go-lucky Piglet, my life hasn't always been smooth sailing. Not so many years ago, I was lost! I had given up on my dreams, moved back home with my parents, and even broke my finger. It was a perfect storm of despair. Then, that Sunday at church, the pastor — who didn't know me from Adam — spoke of a vision he'd had of a man with a broken finger, and I knew it was me. He saw this man sailing a boat towards a terrible storm, doomed, until a higher power turned the winds around, steering the boat to safety. I was totally freaked out! This was, like, a direct sign from God. So I packed up my stuff and changed course to L.A., to go after the life I always wanted. Ever since, now I think everything is a sign. But, hey, when it comes to fate, I never want to miss the boat."
8 "That feels amazing. I can actually breathe. Wow."
Producer: "Alright Piglet, tell me something nobody knows."
"All right, this may seem super random, but I've got a pretty embarrassing story that I've tried to keep hidden. Back in my fraternity days, my bros and I decided to shave our heads in unity, right before the party of the year. Well, that's when I found out I have a huge birthmark on the side of my head shaped like an apple. Dude. I had no idea. Then, I run into the sorority girl of my dreams, and she says, you really need hair. But, look, it all worked out. I found my dream girl, who loved me and my apple head. And now I'm digging deep with a song I hope you love, too."
9 "You know what's crazy? I remember watching season one of The Masked Singer with my little piggy and ask what character I should be. The answer - a pig. It was fate. Like I'll be honest, it's a chance to be just an absolute idiot and it's okay. You know when your hat's gotta put color that spins, I mean it's, the whole thing is, it's just, absolute ridiculous. I'm more of a serious kind of my life. But, the Piglet's taught me how to be a big ham. And though I may not rethink of myself too seriously, I'm taking this competition very seriously. 'Cause I'm gonna win for myself, my family, and all time idol Bruce Willis. I was speechless when we met always pulling me to be an action star. And now here in the quarterfinals, the stakes have never been higher. So, it's time to take down the competition with a completely unexpected Masked Singer first."
10 "I had a grueling schedule for most of my career. But now, I just love the simple life. Home with my family. Landscaping, railing, and football Sunday fun-day, that's my happy place. I try to send an example for my kids every day, and I hope being here have show them how to take risks, work hard, and not take yourself too dang seriously. That work my little piggy tail off the get here and I can look myself in the mirror and be proud of that. You know, no matter what happens tonight, I have no regrets."
11 "Anytime you put yourself out there, even if it is behind a mask, it's scary. I was one of the first people to open up my life to the public. There was before social media and trust me, without the filters. The criticism was so much, I had to become a pretty private person after that, But, being the Piglet was a freedom to just have fun and we all need to find our inner piglet sometimes. I think the one thing I've learned, you know, it's you gotta challenge yourself and I think that's what this experience was meant to be. Like all things I've tried to do in my career, I tried to leave notes, stole and turn, I gave everything I must be had to this. I've tried to work as hard as I possibly can and I love winning anything to bring home that trophy to my kids."
Week Cluedle-Doo Clue
2 Piglet knows how to stay cool, even in heat.
4 Meg Ryan
5 Dog Tags
7 Cotton Candy
8 "I've been following this guy since he scored a touchdown from Dan Marino"
10 Poker Chip -Jenny McCarthy
Clue Answers
The "1DR" prize ribbon in Piglet's package is a clue to Nick's famous collaboration with Stevie Wonder.
Piglet's dating show package is a nod to Nick hosting the popular dating show, "Love Is Blind."
Cluedle-Doo's Dan Marino clue is a nod to the celebrity football game Nick played in alongside the NFL superstar.
The suit of armor in Piglet's package is a clue to the hit song by 98°, "Give Me Just One Night."

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess LeAnn's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
11 Nick Lachey Nick Lachey
(First Impression)
Nick Lachey Jeremy Renner Brian Littrell


  • The propeller on Piglet's cap spins, making him the second costume in Masked Singer history to use animatronics, with the first being Serpent.
    • Unlike Serpent, the propeller doesn't move up and down.
  • Piglet is the first contestant to have a rivalry with another contestant. His rival is Grandpa Monster.
  • Piglet is the first contestant in Masked Singer US to do opera.
  • When Piglet was announced the winner, a snippet of his performance from week 8 was played.
  • Nicole's "First Impression" guess was Cody Simpson who was the Robot in the first season of The Masked Singer AU.
    • Both Simpson and Lachey won their respective versions.
  • Ken had previously guessed Nick to be the Crocodile in season 4. Coincidentally, both Crocodile and Piglet sang a Journey song as their finale performance in their respective seasons.
  • Kenan Thompson had previously guessed Nick to be the Rabbit in season 1.
  • The judges guessed Nick to be the Rottweiler in Season 2.
  • The judges guessed Nick to be the Turtle in Season 3.
  • The judges guessed his band, 98 Degrees, to be the Russian Dolls.
  • Piglet is the first boybander to win the show.
  • Piglet is the first male and second overall contestant to win a season who was not African-American.
  • Piglet is the second Animal-based mask to win the show. the first was Fox.
  • In an interview after being unmasked, Lachey revealed that he was originally in talks to be in season 2, but was occupied with another show at the time.[1]
  • Nick Lachey competed with Patti LaBelle (Flower) in the 2007 NBC competition series Clash of the Choirs. Lachey's team won, with LaBelle's as runner-up
  • Piglet appeared at the end of a trailer for season 6.
  • Piglet is the second winner who has not guest judged on future seasons.