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Phoenix is a masked celebrity contestant on the fifth US season of The Masked Singer.


Phoenix is all colored in blue, red, and gold. She is wearing a dark bodysuit with gold designs, a red and black collar, and red fringe at the bottom. Over that, she wears an overskirt made of red fringe, and red and blue feathers that trails behind her. At the back are red wings with golden accents. Her gloves are red with long golden nails resembling talons.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Tik Tok" by Kesha ELIM


Week Clue
2 "Ok, here's the tea. When people see me, they always see a winner, baby. But while I've graced the cover of many magazines, I've actually hidden behind a mask for most of my life even from those that I love the most like my superhero dad. He taught me how to shoot for the stars. So I did. And eventually, millions saw me as a superhero. But the more I focused on pleasing others, the farther I got from who I really was. My dad was proud of what I did. But I often wonder if he'd be proud of who I am. I'll never know. I missed many chances of my truth. And it's my biggest regret. But it taught me there's no time to waste. So tonight, I'm stepping back into the winner's circle because this old bird still knows how to turn heads."
Week Cluedle-Doo Clue
2 Phoenix only has one speed - 76 MPH.
Clue Answers
The race car in Phoenix's clue package was a hint to Caitlyn's career as an Olympic track and field athlete.
The crown in the clue package was a reference to Caitlyn being drafted by the Kansas City Kings.
The flock of little phoenixes in the clue package was a clue to Caitlyn's own extensive flock: the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
2 Laverne Cox
(First Impression)
Caitlyn Jenner
(First Impression)
RuPaul Jonathan Van Ness

First Impressions[]

Robin's First Impression Jenny's First Impression Ken's First Impression Nicole's First Impression
Laverne Cox Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn Jenner Perez Hilton


  • Phoenix is the first transgender contestant on the US show.
    • However, this wouldn't be the first in the franchise's history that someone is transgender. Otter who is Sam Bettens, is also transgender.
  • In an interview following her unmasking, Caitlyn revealed that she already had three songs practiced and lined up for the show, the first being "Tik Tok". Had she moved on, her second song would have been "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" by The Temptations, in which Thingamajig sang in Season 2. It would also make her the second person to sing a song from another contestant. [1]
  • Phoenix is Ken's first correct "First Impression" guess but he switched to RuPaul.
  • Phoenix's theme, "Fireball" was also a performance performed by Frog.
  • Caitlyn Jenner was previously guessed to be Cactus in the Australian version.