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Peacock is a masked celebrity on the first season of The Masked Singer.


The mask is a blue peacock's head with feathers on top. The outfit itself is a blue and green sequined jacket with a golden collar and blue pants. On the back are tail feathers reminiscent to that of an actual peacock.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "The Greatest Show" by Hugh Jackman WIN
3 "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic SAFE
6 "All of Me" by John Legend SAFE
7 "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd SAFE
8 "Let's Go" by Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo SAFE
9 "Shake a Tail Feather" by Ray Charles RUNNER-UP


Week Clue
1 "I chose to become 'the Peacock' because we both share a love of the spotlight. When I was five years old, I walked onto a stage for the first time. And from that day on, I was hooked. Putting on a show is in my DNA. But it's probably been a while since your mom had a poster of me on her bedroom wall. As my dear friend, Michael Jackson, once told me, if you're going to reinvent yourself, you have to become someone the world has never seen before. So here goes. It's never too late for this showman to make a comeback."
3 "When I stepped on that stage for the first time, I loved being able to perform without anyone knowing who I was. It was absolutely exhilarating, and I felt like I was five years old again. This show appealed to me so much, because I've had so many different incarnations of my career, and everyone thinks they know me. I started out as a little teenybopper, but there's more than meets the eye. Then I was cast in some dramatic roles. And tonight, I'm going to push myself harder than I ever have before by performing on a 30-foot lift in a mask in which I can barely see my own feet. Oh, and did I mention I have a terrible fear of heights?"
6 "Being behind a mask has been very strange and very lonely. Let me tell you. Like, before my last performance, I was standing all alone, getting ready. And I couldn't even talk to the crew because I had to remain anonymous. Without this mask, everyone recognizes me, and they want to chat. But here, I feel invisible. It's like my entire career just disappeared into thin air. By day, I perform as my 176-pound real self. But by night, I ride into the competition masked and ready for battle. Winning would mean everything to me. So as my opponents step up their game, I am going to step up mine. And I'm going to give the world all of me."
7 "I've been getting fan mail since I was a wee little peachick. After all, I started my career as a showbiz prodigy. And it's led me down many different magical paths. I performed on stages, screen. I've hosted award shows. And I've accumulated fans all over the world, including knights, kings, and queens. But the crazy thing is, those fans don't even know I'm here. I am one performance away from the semi-finals. And I am more determined than ever to outshine the rest of the singers. I want this so badly, I can't feel my face."
8 "Oh, doc, things are not good. Last week, my performance wasn't my best. Robin felt the song wasn't suited to my style. The thing is, I'm a perfectionist when I perform. And I hate to let my little soldiers of affection down. I pride myself in being the brightest, most well-rounded performer of the flock. So this week, I'm going to give it everything I've got to be the idol that they all deserve. I'm bringing an energy and heat with this song that will have you flying out of your seats. Tonight, I'm making it all about you, my beloved P-ettes. Because, after all, it had to be you."
9 "The first time I strutted onto The Masked Singer stage, I felt 100% at home as 'the Peacock'. Performing in this mask has made me fearless. People cannot judge me based on what they've read, what they've seen, or what they've heard about me. I am free. In my career, I have done it all. I sing, dance, act, host. And I have lived nearly every dream I had. The key to my success is this. I don't relax. When I go home at night, I walk in the door walking like a peacock I'm always thinking about how to improve. I watch videos of my performances. I go through the vocals in my mind over and over again. I am a perfectionist. And I love it. And I hate it. On this stage, I became 'the Peacock'. Now the only question I have is, can I also become the champion? Winning would mean everything to me. And I am more determined than ever to finish my comeback with another feather in my cap."
Week Physical Clue
6 Wig
Clue Answers
Peacock's clue, "Your mom had a poster of me on her bedroom wall," hinted that Donny was a teen idol in the 70s.
The casino clues in Peacock's packages were a nod to Donny's long-running Vegas show, "Donny and Marie."
Other Clue Answers
Donny refers to his starring role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat through the wig and rainbow cape.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess Kenan's Guess
9 "Weird Al" Yankovic Donny Osmond Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris "Weird Al" Yankovic


  • Peacock's true identity, Donny Osmond, replaced Ken Jeong as a panelist for episode 5 of the UK version of the series.[1]
  • During the first couple of episodes of season 2, Peacock's first performance was used as a leitmotif to how successful the show is.
  • During an interview, Donny revealed that his identity was almost accidentally revealed to the public when his grandson was told that his grandfather was the Peacock and ran around telling other members of his family.
  • At 60 years old, Peacock is the oldest runner-up in Masked Singer history.
  • In 2021, Osmond received the Lifetime Achievement Award Masky for being the first ever performance on The Masked Singer US ("The Greatest Show")[2]
  • Peacock’s intro song was 24K Magic. Russian Dolls would later sing it for their fourth performance.
  • Donny Osmond was however guessed to be Robobunny in the UK version.
  • During the 2019 Toyota Save Mart 350, FOX showed the Peacock to be Darrell Waltrip during his last race with FOX NASCAR.
  • Ken Jeong thought Teller was the Peacock, but he was actually inside the Hydra in season 7.





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