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The Octopus is a masked celebrity on the first AU season of The Masked Singer.

Appearance Edit

The Octopus costume is a representation of a blue ringed octopus, with multiple blue rings around the head and arms. The eyes of the octopus seem to be yellow glasses with specks of spots over them. While two of the hands (Which is the celebrity hands) are webbed.

Songs Edit

Week Song
1 "Fame" by Irene Cara

Clues Edit

Week Clue
1 "Why am I the Octopus? Because I want a hand in everything. I was elated from an early age, captain of all I surveyed. My career and future was all laid out in front of me; money, power, and prestige. But when I decided to follow a different path, people laughed at me. Lately, I've been getting my money from the book makers. I took a gamble, and it's paid off big, and I'm taking another gamble tonight. I'm fighting to win this competition, and I've come well-armed."
Clue Answers
The LGBT rainbow flag in Octopus's package reference to her hosting the 2015 gay and lesbian Mardi-Gras.
"Getting my money from the bookmakers" is a reference to Octopus's success as a best-selling author not gambling!
"Following a different path, people laughed at me" was Octopus's decision to stop studying law and start performing stand up comedy!

Final Guesses Edit

Week Jackie's Guess Lindsay's Guess Dave's Guess Dannii's Guess
1 Lauren Eagle Courtney Act Hugo Weaving Paulini

Progress Edit

Rank Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 10
12th OUT
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