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Moth, also known as Ms. Moth is a masked celebrity on the US series The Masked Dancer.


Though Moth's costume looks red in the promotional picture, her color is more similar to violet. She wears a dress with a blue bodice and a long purple skirt, all with think blue lines making jagged geometrical patterns. Her arms and legs are covered with purple tights. A golden leaf-like backing can be seen behind her band. The mask itself is similar to a moth's face with large black eyes, two tall golden antennae, and dark purple "hair" with gold accents around the edges of the face.


Week Song
2 "Boot Scootin' Boogie" by Brooks and Dunn
3 "Sway" by Michael Bublé


Week Clue
2 "You know, moths don't seek out the spotlight. It draws us in whether we want it or not. That's the story of my life. One day, I was just a regular moth out of the view of the public. The next, I'm making headlines with the president. I had a traumatic experience that not many could have gone through, and in turn, my life changed forever. But I'm a survivor. So I decide if I couldn't escape the spotlight, I would use it to shine a light on the things I cared about most. So I took control of my fame and now I thrive in the spotlight."
3 Man:“OK, everybody, let’s quiet down. Two minutes to go.”

Ms. Moth: “Thank you. Thank you. I never thought in my life that I’d be standing here before you today and even dancing on national television. I feel pretty confident now. But once I was just a shy little caterpillar, trying to figure out my place in the world. We don’t always choose the challenges we face. But metamorphosis is inevitable. It was my choice not to allow the traumatic details of my past to define my future. So here is my headline. Be brave. Be smart. Be yourself. Build a new foundation and blossom into the moth you were always meant to be. And this dance will show just how much I have. Thank you.

Week Word Up Clue
2 "Inspired"
3 "Best-seller"
Clue Answers
The dates on the line in Moth's second clue package was a clue to Elizabeth's first public appearance on Dateline.
There were two direct hints to Elizabeth's name - the picture of Queen Elizabeth II and the highlighted initials of "EAS".
The vocal clue of "bestseller" hinted to Elizabeth's accomplishment as a best-selling author.
The picture of the White House in the first clue package was a hint to Elizabeth's visit to the White House after returning home.

Final Guesses[]

Week Paula's Guess Ken's Guess Cheryl's Guess Ashley's Guess Brian's Guess
3 Kathy Griffin Karlie Kloss Megyn Kelly Jewel Elizabeth Smart


  • This was Brian's first correct guess.





Interview Unmasked[]