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Morozhenoye (Translated As Ice Cream) is a masked contestant on the first season of Маска, the Russian version of The Masked Singer.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Зелёный свет" by Valery Leontiev BTM3
2 "Есть только миг" by Oleg Anofriyev ELIM
New Year's Special "Рыба" by Leningrad Trio with Yaytso and Slon
New Year's Special 2 "Новогодняя" by Verka Serduchka Duet with Belyj Orel

Final Guesses[]

Week Garick's guess Valeria's guess Philipp's guess Regina's guess Timur's guess
2 Dmitriy Dyuzhev Stas Kostushkin Valeriy Leontiev Valeriy Leontiev Stas Kostushkin