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The Monster is a masked celebrity on the first AU season of The Masked Singer.

Appearance Edit

The Monster has a big red sphere which is its head with aqua coloured spots patterned over its head. It has two dark green horns on the top of the head with black stripes. It has dark green claws on its hands and feet. It has one giant eyeball which its pupil is coloured ocean blue and its eye is bordered green. It has a black mouth with a small hemisphere tooth on its right side of the mouth

Songs Edit

Week Songs
1 "Think" by Aretha Franklin
3 "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner
5 "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera
6 "All By Myself" by Celine Dion
7 "Listen To Your Heart" by Roxette
8 "What About Us" by P!nk

Clues Edit

Week Clues
1 "Nobody likes to think of themselves as a monster, but I guess I am. I'm split between two worlds: with part of me living in the shadows. I've always loved horses, and horses love this monster; they're not scared. They can see the real me beneath 'the Monster' and give me their best. But, in my work, you need to deal with some heavy material and I've been doing it since I was much younger. Does anyone care I'm a monster? They only care that I can deliver the goods, and we all want to be the first past the post. How does someone become a monster? You don't need to be a mad scientist, but you do need time in a laboratory. Right now, you see the outer 'Monster', but tonight, you're going to see and hear the inner 'Monster.' To the other masks, I say this: be afraid, be very afraid."
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