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Medusa is a contestant on Season 1 of The Masked Singer New Zealand.


Week Song Selection Result
1 “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars WIN
2 “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse SAFE
3 “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa BTM2
4 “Supalonely” by Benee ft Gus Dapperton SAFE
5 “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by WHAM! BTM2
6 "Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen BTM2
7 “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele 3RD PLACE


Week Clues
1 “I am Medusa. In Greek mythology a woman with snakes instead of hair. There’s a clue in my name; if you work it out, you’ll be close. I love the way my dress feels. With snakes for hair, I’m floating on air. Tonight, will be one of my greatest performances. This isn’t my first rodeo so watch how far I go."
2 “There's a snake in the grass of this competition. It's me, Medusa! While my hair is made out of snakes that swirl, in real life I’m a material girl. Last week I was nervous and a bit on edge. I have an affinity with mythical creatures. Especially ones that come out at night."
3 “Anyone for snakes and ladders? It's me, Medusa! Just like Medusa, I’m from a faraway land. But I found fame after swimming up on your shores. Performing gives me so much happiness. I get it now, I really get it. After last week’s performance I was floating on air. I’m going to make hissstory with my next song. I’m feeling on edge, but this is a dream come true. I’ve got this in the bag, because I’m definitely not new."
4 "I'm feeling viperactive tonight. It's me, Medusa! In France, I really hit a high point. It then dawned on me that this was my calling. And instilled in me a desire to reach the top."
5 "I'll snake your breath away, it's me, Medusa! I would describe the critics praise of my last performance as accurate. It was great that I could share my happiest day with everyone. I now grasp how to exciting it is to perform."
6 "Go ahead, snake my day. It's me, Medusa! I was this excited when I made the cover of Rugby World Magazine for the first time. That was after we brought home the silverware from Australia. It gave me the freedom to be myself."
7 "I'm going to snake your hair stand on end. It's me, Medusa! I now comprehend how performing makes one glow. I feel I am on the brink of winning the whole show. Finally I can leave the team behind. "
"Ssss Sup, I'm Medusa! I once had a heart break that rattled my bones. I've definitely put a guard up since then. It's hard being in the spotlight. But at least I get to share it with these guys. We don't compete, although we've had our fair share of hissy fits. My performance tonight is going to be amazing. Once I start singing, you'll understand."
Two Lies and One Truth Answer
I found fame on the field.
I spent my youth working at a music store.
I moved to New Zealand in the 90s.
Clue Answers
'Clue in my name' refers to USA, close to Canada where Joe is from.
'Love the way my dress feels' and 'material girl' refers to her surname Cotton.
'Floating on air' refers to being a radio host.
'Tonight" refers to the True Bliss number one hit.
'Not my first rodeo' and 'definitely not new' refers to this not being her first singing competition.
'Used to shooting for the stars' refers to winning TV show Pop's Ultimate Star.
'Affinity with mystical creatures' refers to her dance band Mermaids.
'Especially ones that come out at night' refers to her hosting the midnight show on More FM.
'Happiness' refers to True Bliss.
'Extra clue' is a reference to More FM (extra is a synonym for more)
'High point in France' refers to Joe's TV show Shock Treatment, filmed in France.
'Dawned on me' refers to her morning show.
'Number one bet' refers to the True Bliss second single Number One.
'Accurate praise' refers to the True in True Bliss.
'Being average' refers to being an average Joe.
'Rugby World Magazine' refers to when Joe was on the cover in 2001.
'Silverware' refers to Joe winning the Australian Choral Championship.
'Freedom' refers to Joe's third single title.
'Idol' refers to Joe's appearance on NZ's Popstars, the forerunner to the Idol Franchise.
'Comprehend how winning make you glow' refers to cottoning on.
'On the brink' refers to being on The Edge.
'Finally leaving the team behind' refers to no longer being in a girl group.
'Leaving the audience wanting more' refers to More FM.
'Heartbreak' refers to the split of True Bliss.

Final Guesses[]

Week Sharyn’s Guess Rhys’ Guess Ladi6’s Guess James’ Guess
7 Joe Cotton Joe Cotton Joe Cotton Megan Mansell