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Medusa (translated as Jellyfish) is a masked celebrity on the second season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.


Medusa wears a dress in shades of blue, orange and red with figures of sea creatures on the chest. The mask seems to be from the carnival of Venice with a lilac and blue jellyfish head and blue tentacles with LED lights.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Desde Esa Noche" by Thalía ft. Maluma ELIM


Week Clue (Translated)
2 "I don't consider myself a diva, but I am treated like one, what can I do? I am a disciple of Artemis, the goddess of choirs and dances, so be careful, you can fall in love. I am a lady made of strength and cunning, as strong as iron, but as soft as skin made of cotton wool. The lights make me float through the gentle water, and when I hear the first chords, the other species that lives in me awakens. There are masks that hide beings, but we jellyfish are transparent, I want you to stare at me and see that I come to give you love. The acropolis has received me majestically, but thanks to each of my tentacles I have not lost my balance. I am the Jellyfish, and in this journey I want the music to speak for me."
Clue Answers
The porcelain doll in her clue package refers to her song "Tu Muñeca".
The sign "Oda Tour Inmortal" that appears in her clue package has the initials of the OTI festival, where she participated.
The phrase "Vengo a darte amor (I come to give you love)", is part of the lyrics of her song "La Cantante".
Other Clue Answers
The perfume that appears in her clue package had the word "Diosas", referring to her participation in the group "GranDiosas" along with great figures of music such as: Manuela Torres, Rocío Banquells, María Conchita Alonso, among others.
She caresses a coat that resembles that of a wolf and mentions that there is another species living in her, referring to one of her greatest hits "Lobo".

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Consuelo's Guess Juanpa's Guess Yuri's Guess
2 Susana Zabaleta Dulce Lucía Méndez Marisela


  • The mask was revealed on September 29, 2020.[1]
  • At 65 years old at the time of the run of the season, Medusa is the oldest female contestant in the history of the Mexican Masked Singer series.
  • Adrián had previously guessed Dulce to be Catrina in season 1.
  • Medusa appears in the fourth clue package for Androide as one of the nominees in the "Most Connected Character" category of the first ¿Quién es la máscara? awards ceremony.