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McTerrier is a masked celebrity on the seventh US season of The Masked Singer.


McTerrier is a fluffy white dog dressed in a Scottish outfit. He is wearing a kilt and a pouch. Along with that, he has some boots on.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy ELIM

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
1 Flea Jeff Ross Mike Myers Ewan McGregor


Week Clue
1 What's up dogs? If you're like me? Always on the move and making a mess, you're gonna love my Terry Towel. It's super absorbent, all purposed, and works like a charm. Does eating out of your bowl have ya covered in food? Try Terry Towel. Taking a catnap? Oh Sorry. Did I wake ya? Try Terry Towel. It can clean anything right up to the edge. You can't beat it. Ya need it. So stop what you're doing and order now. See, you can teach an old towel new tricks.
Clue Answers
The sheet cake in McTerrier's package was a clue to Duff's profession and hit TV show "Ace of Cakes."
The axe in McTerrier's package alluded to Duff's appearance on Chopped: All-Stars.
The gold record in McTerrier's package was a hint to Duff's last name Goldman.


  • The mask was revealed on February 19, 2022.[1]
  • McTerrier is in the "Good" group, along with Prince, Firefly, Armadillo and Ringmaster.
  • McTerrier is the first mask in the US whose mask falls off after their performance.
    • It fell off due to him trying to save himself from falling off the stage.
    • It is possible that McTerrier tripped on a toy bone due to one of the stairs having a dog bone during McTerrier's performance.
  • McTerrier's appearance may be based off of a West Highland White Terrier.