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Lion is a masked celebrity contestant on the first season of The Masked Singer Australia.


The Lion costume features a nude/ beige coloured bodysuit with a golden metallic corset-style vest, with matching wrist gauntlets, gloves, leg armour and collar. The mask itself resembles a lion's head, with a mane. The mane has a red, orange and yellow themed colour palette and a piece of sequin fabric covers the contestant's face.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "High Hopes" by Panic! at the Disco WIN
2 "Bad Guy" by Billie Ellish
(arrangement by Halocene)
4 "Heroes" by David Bowie SAFE
6 "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 & Christina Aguliera ELIM


Week Clue
1 "Why am I The Lion? Because in my business, you have to be fierce. You have to fight hard to be top on this big island. As a young lion I entered a competition that would change everything. It's brought me closer to my idols. I pride myself on being brave and always give my best at whatever I try. And I've tried a lot. Will this mask bring out my best? You're going to hear me roar tonight."
2 "We all know the jungle saying, 'Leave them wanting more'. Hidden behind this mask, I feel completely free to let my gorgeous mane down. Although I admit, some of the panel's guesses have spun my bejeweled head. Was I the queen of this big island? Well let's just say for now that this is not the first time you've seen me as queen of the jungle. Lions are very physical it's another thing that I have in common with a great queen of the grass court. When the physical competition gets tough, that's when I excel. I have always loved music, I cannot image the world without it. It is a big factor in my life. It encouraged this Lion to soar. I'm here to test myself and I expect a lot of myself and so do others. So, can I bring the real me when you don't know it's me? I have my eyes on the prize."
4 "As queen of the jungle, my subjects love me and fear me. But in this competition, it's important that I keep them guessing too. I barely remember a time when people didn't know me, success came young. Something I learned as a lion is that life never goes where you think it will. You pursue the prey that's in front of you and you chase it down. I have been very open about my life and the joy I have in my little pride. I have performed as someone else many times. Now, it's time for the lion to roar again."
6 "Like the top of the food chain should, I'm just toying with the competition before I pounce. And my personal clue, cleverly threw the panel off my scent. Being a lion isn't my main job, but I do like the look. In many ways, I'm more of a gypsy. always on the move. For this lion, it's important that a daughter should honour her father, and a father should honour his daughter. Can I win The Masked Singer? It's not about winning or losing, It's just about being me."

("I'm a very competitive person and television has been a very important part of my career.")

("From an early age I learnt the importance of self-disciple and fighting hard.")

("My personal clue is my Logie award. Only a few people have won in this category since I did.")

("I have an Indian tattoo and it's in a place where the sun doesn't shine.")

Clue Answers
References to 'Lion's 'Small pride' are her small family. 'Lion's daughter name is 'Gypsy'.
'Lion's 1993 Logie award was for Most Popular Music Video ('Everything's Alright'). This award category ceased in 1994.
'Great queen of the grass-court' refers to Serena Williams. Serena and 'Lion' were celebrity models for the same bra company.
Both 'Lion' and her father have received Queen's birthday honours. 'Lion' for performing arts (2016) and her father for karate (2019).

Final Guesses[]

Week Jackie's Guess Lindsay's Guess Dave's Guess Dannii's Guess
7 Kate DeAraugo Rebel Wilson Tina Turner Christine Anu


  • Dannii guessed Lion to be Christine Anu, who went on to be Goldfish in Season 2