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Lightning is a masked celebrity contestant on the third season of The Masked Singer Australia.


Lightning's outfit has a superhero theme. She wears a blue bodysuit and and a blue leotard and boots with lightning motifs all over it. She also wears a black collar and cape with stars on it. Her mask is human like and is wearing a lightning inspired head piece. Fibre optics featured all in the headpiece and along the arms.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Brave" by Sara Bareilles BTM3
4 "Diamonds" by Rihanna SAFE
6 "Boom Clap" by Charli XCX SAFE
7 “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten ELIM


Week Clue
2 "I am Lightning and you never know where I’ll strike next. Lightning affects the airwaves and my interference got noticed young. I know how to make you notice me. I made other waves when I was young too! Solid stakes, absolutely! But I left the gold behind. Am I driven? More self-directed. Following the path of least resistance, going with the flow, not too many wrong turns. Although one crash did hurt. I’ve been richer and I’ve been poor, nine months a year without a home. Don’t underestimate a good education! Will I win The Masked Singer? Well, Lightning will always have a crack!"
4 "I am Lightning – high voltage all the time! Do water and electricity mix? Not usually. But I’m flexible in what I do. After all, you’re not 21 forever. Although I ran a good race in Rio I got tired of staying in my own lane. No more. Strike while the lightning is hot. Lightning has a voice – and it has always been heard. Many millions have heard me speak. And I speak for those who have no words. Lightning only goes in one direction. And that made all the difference. I’ve already survived one round of The Masked Singer. Tonight, Lightning strikes twice."
6 "I’m Lightning and I have the power to light up the world.  Nailed it. Lightning never stays still. I dance about everywhere – and I always have. I hit a town and move on. You might think Lightning fears nothing. But I believe in facing my fears. That’s “So Lightning” of me. I’m not afraid to hand out advice. I’m also not afraid to cry in public. But I am afraid to be alone. I don’t want to be single. I am Lightning. Tonight, hear me thunder!"
7 "I am Lightning and I am a miracle. You never see one bolt of lightning on its own. We work together, we are here because of each other! No fortune teller could predict I would be here today. For a long time, even I didn’t know where I would be from day-to-day. I just make it up as I go along! Lightning and thunder go everywhere together. In my case, Lightning follows thunder. It is the dance we do. I am Lightning and I promise you will remember me!"
Panel's Question Answer
Do you travel a lot because of sport? "Travel hasn't always been my choice but it led to my fame."
Mind Reader Explanation
A mouse eating cheese. "I owe my career to my relationship with a mouse."
Lightning putting on tragedy and comedy theatrical masks.
Clue Answers
"9 months a year without a home" - That's how long she toured with her brother and family from town to town.
"Not 21 forever" - At 16, she was flown from U.S to Australia to launch fashion chain Forever 21.
"Flashlight being passed" - Is a reference to her participation in the torch relay for the 2016 Olympics.

Final Guesses[]

Week Dannii's Guess Dave's Guess Jackie's Guess Urzila's Guess
7 Angie Kent Sally Pearson Maddie Ziegler Tones and I


  • Alli is the first celebrity's sister to be on the The Masked Singer.
  • At 23 years old, Alli is the youngest female contestant of the Australian version of the show.
  • She is the sister of Cody Simpson, who was the winner of the first season of Masked Singer Australia as the Robot.