Leopard is a masked celebrity on the second US season of The Masked Singer.

Appearance Edit

The Leopard is golden brown with black spots, and has short ears, fangs, and bright green feline eyes. He wears a long, elaborate dress, mainly golden in color and with shining silver accents and puffy blue sleeves. He also wears a large, protruding collar resembling sun rays.

Songs Edit

Week Song
2 "Somebody to Love" by Queen
4 "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes
5 "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry
7 "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire
9 "We Are Young" by Fun.
"Big Spender" by Shirley Bassey

Smackdown Songs Edit

Week VS Song
2 Panda "Respect" by Aretha Franklin
7 Flower "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls ft. Busta Rhymes

Clues Edit

Week Clue
2 "I am a leopard. Because I am adaptable, and can survive anywhere, even under the harshest conditions. And I know what it's like to be at the top. In my career, I've been a heavy hitter. No one could catch me. But now all anyone wants to talk about is the celebrity aspect. You know, I really don't care what they say about what I'm wearing, or even my relationships. But now I'm stripping away the headlines and everything that has come to define me. Behind this mask, I will show the world why I've been and always will be 'the Leopard'."
4 "After all my years at the top, it was humbling to nearly lose my mask in the smackdown. It made me more determined than ever to prove I'm still a prime time champion. But you know, darlings, I wasn't born a winner. I wasn't even always wanted. After being passed from pack to pack, I found I could use my talent as my escape. I have lived my life in color ever since. I always tell my cubs that no matter what the world labels you, it's never too late to flip the script. As 'the Leopard', I want to be a hero in their eyes. That would be my greatest title yet."
5 "Purr-forming under this mask has been so liberating, like I have nothing to lose. I haven't felt this free since I was a young cub on the road, jamming with my pack of misfits and discovering who I really was. Being in this competition makes me feel like I did in the old days. People say that a leopard can't change their spots. But that's just not true. I'm a fresh new edition of the old me. Tonight, I'm really living my teenage dream by performing like no one is watching, free as can be."
7 "I never imagined how liberating this competition would be for me. Each time I step out onto this stage, I discover I can do things that were inconceivable without a mask. When I was a teenager I set myself free for the first time. Since then I've done my best to treat the world as my catwalk. Whether I'm in New York or Gay Paree, I always try to channel my inner 'glamazon' and champion. I'm singing a song that celebrates the best of the past, because I never want to forget that moment when I chose to just be me."
9 "I've been in the bottom two twice now, and it's really got me into the fighting spirit. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Leopard presents, the Grand Slam Open. Brought to you by tofu. I'm 'the Leopard'. AKA the menace of tennis. Let me tell you, this competition is really heating up. Wow, what a shot. He clearly wants to win. Almost as bad as I want to win this competition. Oh, so close. Looks like someone's a spoilsport. Look at that aggression. Move out of the way, boys. It's time for me to show you what a real champion is made of."
9 "It's funny. I came here initially so my cubs would think I'm cool. So being here in the semifinals should be giving me major street cred. My long and storied career began with a nativity play at 11 years old. So every holiday season, I'm reminded of the kid inside who loved to perform. Who would have thought that years later I would fall in love with performing as a leopard? It's almost like becoming this character has given me the challenges I never had. I do everything in my power to make sure my cubs have it better than I did. I don't always get it right, but being a father makes me prouder than anything else. So while being here has been an opportunity to remind the world of my talents, the greatest gift will be watching my cubs' faces when I finally unmask. But I don't want to shed this disguise until I'm crowned the winner!"
Week Physical Clue
5 Cameras
Week Gift
9 Blueprints
Clue Answers
The blueprint that Leopard gifted Nick is a clue for Seal's associate degree in architecture.
The baseball bat in Leopard's package hints to Seal's #1 hit "Kiss from a Rose" from the "Batman Forever" soundtrack.
The four grandmas pictured in Leopard's package are a nod to Seal's four Grammy wins.
Other Clue Answers

Final Guesses Edit

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
9 Seal Eric Benét Jeff Goldblum Seal


  • Leopard is the first contestant to enter two Smackdowns.


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