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Leona (translated as Lioness) is a masked celebrity on the third season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.

It was later revealed that the celebrity underneath the mask was Dulce María.


Like her U.S. counterpart, Leona wears a top with golden features, gold pants, gold boots, golden armour, and a golden cape with fur on the top, resembling a lion's mane. She also wears gold armor on her arms, legs, and chest. Likewise, the mask is of a golden lion's head with diamonds and jewels on it.


Week Song Selection Result
3 "Si Te Vas" by Shakira WIN
5 "No Soy una Señora" by María José WIN
6 "Tiempos Mejores" by Yuri WIN
7 "No Querías Lastimarme" by Gloria Trevi ELIM


Week Clue (Translated)
3 "Dear diary, as you have always been my confidant, you have to know that this time it's for me, I'm going to be more transparent than water. This lioness is more awake than D'Alessio. Contrary to the rest of the felines I am more sociable than wild, remember, the lioness is not as they paint her. Although I have never been alone since I was a cub, I have always been in search of a heart to suit me."
(Duende): "Boo!"
"Aaargh! Of all my love craziness, finding my little duende has been the most heavenly, and now everything has color. Sigh... I thought no one understood me, and now I see that you don't either... no, it's not true, with all of you I do have a connection, I love all of you forever. So the time has come to roar and I will do it so loud that if you leave you will be able to hear me! Roar!"
5 "Now I really ended up like D'Alessio, asleep, because it was a spectacular night. Phew, I was so tired that I didn't even notice the tsunami that passed through here. And now it is inevitable to take advantage of every moment to create and dream... because love surprises you, it hurts you, but it fills you with the desire to dance, I come from a lucky herd, and although not everything is rosy, every step I take is as strong as that of a... tiger. Thank you, thank you guys, that I love all of you, I love all of you. Because if luck took me to the top, I am now... a lioness queen! So it's time to get empowered, cubs, because we're gonna keep on... sweeping!"
6 "My second night in the mask was... grrreat! And now here I am living like a caged lioness, because I've always been a 10 girl, not like others!"
(Big Mask): "Egg, who are your nominees and your five points?"
(La Hueva): "To the Sloth, hmm... three, and to the Opossum five, five."
(Big Mask): "That adds up to... eight, and the Opossum is already out."
(La Hueva): "Holy yolk! Hahaha!"
"Have I already told you that my life is full of surprises? And love is one of them."
(Big Mask): "Lioness go and roar to the confession room. Lioness, the moment of truth has arrived, that ring is an engagement ring, did love come into your life?"
"Love has always been on my mind, big Alan, but... it's hard to reach."
(Big Mask): "Why do you say that?"
"Because in my race to conquer the world, several broken hearts have fallen by the wayside, including my own... and on the worst dates, Valentine's Day is one of them. I accept that they have fallen in love with the imponence of the Lioness, with my big mane, but..."
(Big Mask): "But?"
"But the lion is not as they paint him."
7 (Alan Estrada): "It's time to award the most bohemian and chic character, boho-chic, hahaha... it's the most wow character of the mask, the nominees are: the Barn Owl... the Panther... the Jalapeño... okay, okay, okay, the Jalapeño is not nominated, alright, alright... the Lioness. And the winner is..."
"Thank you, thank you cutie."
(Alan Estrada): "Hmm, sorry Lioness, I haven't read the winner yet."
"Roar! I wasn't expecting this, as has happened in my career, success catches me by surprise and makes me feel divine. I am the Lioness, but I started out flying like a bird of prey, and it took me a long time to take it seriously, I even went in different directions. I dedicate this award to those I love the most and tell them on the fly. Well, you may have seen me raising a cub, but don't trust it, because if it were for whispers I've been pregnant many times. Be that as it may, being a lioness puts my heart to the limit and in each song all my passion, thank you cuties, thank you very much, thank you, thank you."
Week Dish
7 Pasta al Podomoro with Parmesan Cheese
Clue Answers
She writes in a diary in her clue package as a reference to the book she published.
She lifts up the little lion in her clue package alluding to her motherhood.
She says that "she have never been alone since she was a cub" because she has been part of several musical groups.

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Juanpa's Guess Lorena's Guess Mónica's Guess Yuri's Guess
7 Hanna Nicole Dulce María Dulce María Dulce María Sherlyn González