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Leijona (translated as Lion) is a masked celebrity on the first season of Masked Singer Suomi.


Leijona wears a silver Roman armor with red cape and brown skirt. He is wielded with sword and shield.


Week Song Results
2 "Con Te Partiro" by Andrea Boccelli SAFE
4 "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley SAFE
6 "Delilah" by Tom Jones SAFE
7 "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars SAFE
8 "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire SAFE
9 "kohta Sataa" by Pete Parkkonen SAFE
10 "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" by Elton John WINNER


Week Clue
2 "Kneel down people, Leijona has arrived! Not that I would be full of myself, but ain't no doubt that I am humongous, proud, hairy, dominating boss character. Oof, pillars... Don't know where I have spent my previous lives, but it has got to been a place with pillars one after another. I worship them. I'm a king-size aesthete, my dream has to become a decoration architect. My favorite subject in school was art, so I gone that direction. I finally ended up on different business, but I still see the world romantic way through the pink glasses. High and mighty appearance hides inside very sensitive soul. This ruthlessness makes the Lion ignite. JUST WATCH!"
4 "As a lion I have used to be the center of the topic, I'm used to praises. I do what every Lion does and gone to lick my wounds to Venice, my favorite location. This ain't the first time I would be dumbfounded in historical places. I am moved in front of ancient relics... Except in front of Janne Kataja. The reckless perfectionist mind of mine is soothed as soon as I see historical items in front of me. Never Gonna Give You Up could be my motto. This sentence has been brought to our world by my idolized huge philosopher, Rick Astley. Maybe I should go ahead and sing it."
6 "RRRRRRRRRRRROOOOAAAAAARRRRR!!!! The last night made me roar, from joy. Though you shall not forget that my identity is such a mess in a mind of panelists. When I'm home, I go through my DVD library with pleasure, most of them are about my material. Sometimes I am just walking around my big house holding the Jussi statue (Finnish movie award) I've won. If I really wanna treat myself, I read every article about me and my almost 20 years lasted career. Criticizing as well. I am sensitive what comes to critics. I'm like my idolized elephant, known as the animal that never forgets. JUST WATCH ME ROAR AGAIN. ROOOAAAR!"
7 "Who would not want to hang out with the lion? Sometimes I'm so worn out that I've been crying in the morning, Sometimes I have gone to work in pneumonia, with septic caecum, and with whooping cough. But that's what it is when you go around the clock and around the year. JUST WATCH!"
8 "Last time was probably the most exciting moments in this contest. Most of all I want you to think how does it feel to be thought as... (Mikko Leppilampi) In hopes to raise my self-esteem I gone to watch seagulls. I was looking at the sea thinking about team sports, that I have been in. I love people and hustle, but at the same time I wanna be seluded like some sort of Jan Sibelius to compose while wife is yelling about everyday things for them. All the same, I was charged. I took a deep breath and now I am ready to step back to the ruthless arena. Bigger than life. JUST WATCH"
9 "The feeling is unbelievable, i'm in Semifinals. Think about everything that has happened, yet Leijona is still standing. He stands like a warrior on the gladiator arena: Invincible, brave, as authority.These praises that I have been giving for myself starts to arouse me. The reason to my never seen before openness must be because of wine. I love wine. I'm not only an aesthete, but i'm also an edunist. I can enjoy the fruits of my work and live the life I could only imagine about while working at the hotel. In fact, I am immeasurably proud of my achievement, that it makes me to sing for the whole world. JUST WATCH!"
10 "Leijona came, Leijona saw and Leijona conquered. I took my place with incredible outer appearance and with infinite self-esteem. At this point I like to reveal that under the every confident character, there is the most sensitive romanticist. The world is whimsical and scary place: you usually have to dive head first and I hate to do that, whatever the case is, especially water. Tonight, in this final, I am going to reveal my special sensitivity at last, open wide, with nothing to hide, Like Lion to human... rrrroooooaaaar!"
Clue Answers
Sami Hedberg has given for media that he has been aiming to be decoration architect.
Sami's majority of content has been released on DVD's

Season 3[]

Leijona returns in Season 3 episode 9 to make a cameo in special performance "Poista Maski" by Ile Uusivuori and the detectives.