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Kukka (translated as Flower) is a masked celebrity on the second season of The Masked Singer. Kukka placed 8th and was revealed to be Maija-Liisa Peuhu.


Kukka's head is a magenta rose and she has a green dress and green gloves.


Shoe size: "Same as Greta Garbo has"
Model: Grandmother
Favorite Music: Beethoven
Favorite color: Black
Ability: Ironing the collared shirts
Hobby: Life

Episode One Questionnaire[]

Ile: Do you sleep your closet doors open or closed? Kukka: Open. Ile: Do you take the hotel shampoo with you when you leave the hotel? Kukka: Not anymore. Ile: Which one you prefer to attack you: Bear or a bee swarm? Kukka: Male bear. Ile: Do you count your steps? Kukka: Yes, and I use step counter with me. Ile: Are you stubborn? Kukka: Sort of... Ile: Do you watch soap operas? Kukka: Yes. Ile: Do you have Acrophobia? Kukka: Yes, I almost died from fear while visiting Empire State Building. Ile: Do you sing while driving? Kukka: yes. Ile: How about in shower? Kukka: No. Ile: Is Christmas stressing for you? Kukka: No, I'm a Christmas person myself. Ile: Do you believe in ghosts? Kukka: No, but I am scared of them.


Week Song
1 "Goldfinger" by Shirly Bassey
3 "Rakkauden Jälkeen" by Carola
5 "These Boots Are Made For Walking" by Nancy Sinatra


Week Clue
1 "In the sea of the thousand flowers there is one that can be seen from far away... IT IS ME! I may not be dainty curving flower, I may not be the wielder of the most glorious petals, I may be a flower that does not go to the bowl, but who would be crazy enough to be wanted to be in bowl full of water? Some life, huh? Sounds as horrible as drinking coffee, and I absolutely hate it. I run through the flower benches escaping the garden scissors, I do am an unbridled flower that's good with imagination and who has been misunderstood as Finnish president Tarja Halonen. Even though I work like a mole, I think my job like a sunrise and sunset. It's everyday life, and sometimes you forget it's happening. It's just natural for me. I am not calling myself proud, but I do appreciate myself just like a flower, who has been reporter and a governor. "More but not too much!" is my motto, and that's what I want you to think of me when you look at me."
3 "Kukka continues to blossom in this contest. Which is good, since this country has many Epilobiums. Last time I've been singing at the grand parties: It was a midsummer night, everything was magical. For the moment I imagined to be Karita Mattila. Then I woke up and found myself from Veikkola. Sometimes I look back at the days when I was playing the role of Sleeping Beauty. Back then I was 15 years old wall rose. I was in a panic each time the prince kneel down to give a kiss for me."
5 "The wetters of flowers, I got forward. I'm a flower that bends but won't snap. It's the mentality you are gonna need in this contest. When I was in a sprout phase, my dream was to be thin and sexy. What a silly thought: My mission has been to enjoy all of that profusion the life has given for me. The important thing is to avoid the bush pissing people who selfishly weeps everything. Moist yourself with the champagne, whittle your petals with glitter and let your beloved pollinate you through the year. This ain't the job of apprentices."
Hybrid TV Clues
"The most memorable feedback from my job I have got was when I hugged Nalle Wahlroos"


Maija-Liisa Peuhu is the oldest contestant in Masked Singer Suomi