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Jack in the Box is a masked celebrity on the seventh US season of The Masked Singer.


Jack in the Box is a bird-like creature inside a box. It has colourful feathers, a striped Mohawk, and a headset. It also has a white face with a triangle on his forehead, two large, black eyes, a large beak and a pair of rosy, red cheeks.


Week Song Selection Result
7 "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood and the Destroyers ELIM


Week Clue
7 Hey, folks! Old Jack in the Box here. Feeling romantic? Feeling impulsive? Great! Me too! At my Lovebirds drive-thru wedding chapel, you can have your wedding on wheels. Even though I’m a baddie, I love love. I just love officiating weddings. Heck, I’ve done it over 200 times! At Lovebirds, we welcome all partners, even goodies and cuddlies. Run down for our prime package. Two weddings for the price of one. Now accepting crypto and Paypal. The party never stops with Jack in the Box!
Clue Answers
This clue was a nod to four seasons total landscaping, which Rudy mistakenly booked for a press conference in 2020.
The four-leaf clover on the football was a clue to the movie, "Rudy."
The gavel was a clue to Rudy's career as a lawyer.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
7 Robert Duvall Joe Pesci Elon Musk Al Roker



  • The mask was revealed on February 25, 2022.[1]
  • Jack in the Box's identity was initially spoiled by the press on February 2, 2022.[2]
  • Jack in the Box is the only mask in Season 7 to not be featured in any way in the Super Sneak peek episode.
  • Jack in the Box is in the "Bad" group, along with Ram, Cyclops, Queen Cobra and Hydra.
  • Jack in the Box noticeably never reacts to anything that goes on and simply remains in the box until Episode 7.
  • So far, Jack in the Box hasn't been promoted that much compared to the other Season 7 contestants. They are typically never shown in trailers. And if they are promoted, they typically are shown in clip for a short second.
    • Clips that feature Jack in the Box were not posted on any of the Masked Singer's Social Media Accounts, like his performance, his clue-mercial, his reveal, his Unmasked Interview, and his Unmasked Performance.
  • He is the first contestant in the show's history to have his performance before the clues.
  • He is the first contestant to lack an intro song, with him going straight to his performance after he pops out.
  • Jack in the Box was the first character to cause a panelist to walk off the set in protest following its unmasking.
  • He was the second politician to appear on the show, the first was Sarah Palin as Bear.
    • Coincidentially, they were both eliminated first in their groups, and were from the final groups (Group C) of their respective seasons.
  • Bee and Jack in the Box share the same birthday.