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Hombre de Piedra (translated as Stone Man) is a masked celebrity guest on the third season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.


Hombre de Piedra seems to resemble a golem made of stone covered with moss. The mask itself is a rock with a headset, eyebrows and mouth made of stone, as well as two shining orange eyes.


Week Song Selection
7 "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
8 "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti" by Alejandro Fernández & Christina Aguilera (Duet with Perezoso)
9 "Vente Pa' Ca" by Ricky Martin ft. Maluma (Duet with Apache)


Week Clue (Translated)
7 "The doors close and I wake up, I was born in this forum because of the magic that this program has caused. But I can no longer live in anonymity, if they turn off the lights, I find a way to turn them back on. Bwahahahah! I have the night to scream, to go crazy, to feel like I am one of them."
(Stone Adrián): "Let's see panelists, before this mask is taken off, do you know who it is?"
(Stone Yuri): "No sis, I have doubts sis, if you are a stone man, sis, surely your heart is made of stone too, sis, it's Lucía Méndez, sis!"
"No, madam, no! You better sit down! My heart is the only thing that is not made of stone, on the contrary, it is like a bell that rings with passion, dong, dong, dong, dong."
(Stone Mónica): "Bell over bell? There is a Christmas record from the eighties where a very famous singer recorded it, it's Yuri!"
(Stone Yuri): "Sis!"
(Stone Juanpa): "I already talked to my mother and she didn't know either, but I dare you to jump out of a plane with me!"
"I don't want to know anything about airplanes. Don't you know anything but to throw people from above?"
(Stone Carlos): "I knew from the footsteps who you were... and you are my very faithful personal friend of mine, you just are."
"What fun this is, but I don't want to play anymore, this is for real, I will do it for you, for me, and for all my friends, so here I go!"
8 "I left everyone in shock after my first performance in the public light. Feeling the spotlights was a rebirth, it was really cool, and speaking in good terms, I know you all had a good time with me, hahaha! That's why I'm going to take advantage of every minute before they blow my mask and know my beautiful, sensual, sublime, pretty identity. I love memes, they make me laugh so much, hahaha! Especially when they are about me, hahaha! But I want this big heart, which is not made of stone, to walk free through life, happy, without filters, and above all with a lot of dancing, hahaha. The envious will say that I dance like a stone, hahaha! And yes, hahaha! I am a stone, hahaha! I made it clear to the panelists that I'm going to do whatever comes out of my pebbles, hahaha, and that's why I'm going to sing with the one I liked the most from the last show, hahaha. Everyone has been amazing, look at the robot, no limits, but... but if I hang like her, hahaha, I'll bring the whole ceiling down and crush them all, hahaha, and bye bye show, no better not. But the truth is, this sleepyhead, how I love dreamers, he put me in a very good mood, haha, and left me like a zombie of emotion! And since more than having fun I like to give fun, I do everything so that you all have a good time, the little things with all of you become big, hahaha! Hold on tight, I'm going to give all of you an overdose of fun, that will make all of you squirm with excitement, turn on my stage, that here I come!"
9 "Hello, I'm never satisfied, I want more! Oh, I hope my thong doesn't show, oh sorry, my boxer shorts, hahaha! Where is that little mouse? Hahaha, maybe he gives me some coins, hahaha."
(Apache): "How"
"How, feathered mouse, me want you to trip over this stone on the stage, before you get plucked."
(Apache): "You, man of rocky mountains, for me to be an honor to sing with giant. Upa, upa, upa..."
"Are you ready? Hold on to your seats, we will make you vibrate and feel a lot of Apache love tonight, don't let us go!"

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Juanpa's Guess Mónica's Guess Yuri's Guess
9 Thalía Alejandra Guzmán Ana Gabriel Gloria Trevi


  • The mask was officially revealed on November 20, 2021.[1]
  • Standing at 2.40m, Hombre de Piedra is the tallest costume in Mexican Masked Singer series history.