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Holvichai & Kavee (หน้ากากหลวิชัยคาวี / Na-Gak Hon-Wi-Chai-Ka-Wee) is a duo of masked celebrities and the first duo winners from the seventh season of The Mask Singer.


Holvichai-Kavee is a Thai folktale about brotherhood and friendship between a tiger cub and a calf. Both later became humans thanks to the magic of a hermit who found them in the forest. He named the tiger cub "Holvicha" (หลวิชัย) and the calf "Kavee" (คาวี). Despite being completely different, the two started their adventure and support each other until the end.

As masked celebrity duo, both Holvichai and Kavee resemble Japanese superhero, Super Sentai in their animal masks and unicolor armors. Holvichai wears an all white costume with black strips and a white tiger mask. Kavee wears an all black costume and a black bull mask with two golden horns.


Week Song Selection Result
4 แววตา
by เจ เจตริน
10 เพียงข้างหลัง
by Aof ft. Ben Chalatit
14 ใจสั่งมา
by Loso
by ลิลลี่ ได้หมดถ้าสดชื่น ft. เก้า เกริกพล
17 วัดใจ
by Silly Fools
18 แค่คนโทรผิด
by Peck - Aof - Ice
19 กาลครั้งหนึ่ง
by STAMP ft. Palmy


  • Sivakorn and Jackrin are members of a boyband, TRINITY.
    • Both are part a 9 member boyband in a special project Nine by Nine with Krissanapoom who also competed on THAI - TMS 7 with them.
  • At 18 at the time of his unmasking, Jakrin is the youngest winner in the international The Masked Singer franchise