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Hevonen (translated as Horse) is a masked celebrity on the first season of Masked Singer Suomi.


Hevonen wears a horse mask with similarities to a chess piece with same name. He has a white lampshade like shape around the neck and under it a white area. He wears black jacket with white tips in hands and black suit.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Don't Look Back In Anger" by Oasis SAFE
3 "Rockstar" by Post Malone SAFE
5 "Juppihippipunkkari" by Neljä Ruusua ELIM


Week Clue
1 "in my dreams I'm carousel horse, spinning in a circle with moderated pace. It's sure that I won't drool or give a neigh. I never demur or rise on my back feet. And then I wake up. My life is a mixture of derby and full speed gallop: I'm in many things and deadlines are neigh. With this height of withers we can't talk about My Little Pony, and with the blazing temperament like mine we can't talk about a cute hobbyhorse either. The connection in my actions is to dress the world surrounding me into a words and pictures. I face the world with honesty rather than going patches covering my eyes. It's the reason why am I recognized, achieving and peace loving warhorse."
3 "Last time i got to experience what is it like to step to the stage of Masked Singer as a horse. The most dumbfounding fact is that no one has a clue about who am I. I'm a horse that can stay in front of a microphone, that can circulate, that can blather. I'm so sovereign in both things that I have been awarded countless times about it. My eyes were opened behind the seas at big country long time ago. There I got my name as well. It sparked the flame inside me, which allowed me to rise to the barricades and give my all, like today. Only god knows how this is gonna end..."
5 "The last time was impressive. What comes to the guesses by panelists, I leave them to their own value. Maybe I gotta help them little more. If the horse looks back in time, 1998 is the first one to pop up to my mind. That year happened something special: It was the second life changing moment. The thought about it moves me and even though i am sovereign in using words, the sensitization leaves nothing else to say but: "Radio is a magical item". It still manages to stop me in these rush years. Words really matters!"
Clue Answers
1998 refers to year when Finnish rap started to grow more popular... And when Paleface also started to get more fame.
In hint profiles, an Emma trophy can be seen in background: A Finnish equivalent for Grammy, that Paleface has won.

Panelist questions[]

"What is your most commanding attribute?" Hevonen: "Being Talkative."

Season 3[]

Hevonen returns in Season 3 episode 9 to make a cameo in special performance "Poista Maski" by Ile Uusivuori and the detectives.


  • Hevonen is the first character to sing a song created by another contestant on same season (Ilkka Alanko as Heinäseiväs).