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Helada (translated as Ice Cream) is a masked contestant on the second Chilean season of ¿Quién es la Máscara?


Helada resembles a female version of Ice Cream from US season 2, however with notable differences. She has chocolate syrup and sprinkles over the back of her head and closed eyes and an open smiling mouth!


Helada - The extroverted one of the group

Helada lives in her freezer, getting frozen to minus 5 degrees below zero. But when she comes out to the sun she shows her real personality, a fresh, extroverted and summer person!


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Dame Luz" by Nicole ELIM

Face-off Performances[]

Week VS Song Selection
1 Cangrejo "Maldito amor" by Supernova

Final Guesses[]

Week Cristián R.'s Guess Maca's Guess Millaray's Guess Cristián S.'s Guess
1 Cristina Tocco Javiera Acevedo Begoña Basauri Javiera Acevedo