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Heinäseiväs (translated as Haystack, but actually meaning the pole keeping the haystack upright) is a masked celebrity on the first season of Masked Singer Suomi.


Heinäseiväs is literally a haystack with blue heart-shaped sunglasses and has a pole sticking out of his head.


Week Song Results
1 "Freestyler" by Bomfunk MCs SAFE
3 "They Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson SAFE
5 "Vadelmavene" by Kasmir SAFE
7 "Ikuinen Vappu" by JVG SAFE
8 "Made In Heaven" by Jenni Vartiainen SAFE
9 "Pilalla" by Tuomas Pietikäinen SAFE
10 "Suomen Muotoisen Pilven Alla" by Arttu Wiskari RUNNER-UP


Week Clue
1 "Imagine the sound of a wistful violin. You end up to the large field. You have lot to walk there, one hectare after another. It's like a 30 years lasted Finland tour. And finally... You see me. With these words I welcome you to the irresistible world of Heinäseiväs. I'm meatless, smoke free, caffeine free, Claustrophobic pole. My hobbies includes for example lots of sweating, playing a French Horn and eating sourdoughs. I love sunglasses. In fact, I own 87 pairs. Good for me, because with them I can hide from the eyes and to keep my identity well secured. Who is that sweating haystack in reality? I can say, that the haystack can become the favorite of the country, even in this contest."
3 "I come from the middle of talented people. Getting the attention of such group requires lots of muscles of creativity. Now, at the halfway of the field and mansion, I can smile, relieved even. good job! If I get melancholic when it's raining, I always can think about number 400 000+. And what's the lesson of this short story? Never, EVER, underestimate the haystack you face."
5 "What a show! Talk about all that confusion one haystack can make. When I was young I was confident, arrogant and challenging. When you huddle no matter in which corner you will understand, that life is full of growth pain. Growing and changing is important for me, i'm still intensive creator. I also use my energy on raising my children, or maybe even on smoking fish. Did I told enough, or did I actually told too much? Should I then start to speak Estonia instead? I might as well do it, even if staying in this contest asks for it. Panelists, there is no way you are gonna find out who am I for a long time"
7 "While standing at the field I only can be thankful... Thank you, panelists. Thank you, that all my almost see-through speeches, that I get like from the fruit basket of the stories, has diverted you. Maybe today I finally move to the other side of the bay and behave like that. *Speaking Estonia* We have two dogs, Kyylik ja velikana. Critics have been whining: "Heinäseiväs, you gotta change!" The valuation of the haystacks are hidden for example at the class rooms. Did you know that my voice is an example for many students? They even copy it. So think about that when I step on the stage.
8 "I just gotta say this loud: Heinäseiväs is about to rise as the icon of this contest. Sometimes it feels like panelists just eats from my hand. All of this makes me feel moved and to think about how thankful I am and... FAT CHANCE! This all makes me do, what haystack does the best: being civilized, the listener of people's sorrows and album requests playing radio reporter. Heinäseiväs won't stay inside, but instead goes play basketball. It helps when you can't get words to paper. It helps when you have high hopes and it's raining roses. Basketball is my Viagra besides performing."
9 "The victory streak goes on. At this rate, I will be absolutely sure I will become the country's very own Heinäseiväs. See you at the marketplace(A Finnish saying used in ice hockey especially when Finland wins) crazies, hahaha! I'm starting to feel big pressures, so in order to prepare for the semifinals, i gone to a total silence. By pondering I can remember my place in this world and remember to be thankful of the things, that I have achieved same amount as printed Wikipedia pages. I believe to reincarnation: I believe I am gonna be my totem animal Cow in second life. Then as a cow I can chew, but also get to the warmth of inside. It might sound like, a concert location. MOOOOOOO!!! I am full of explosive volition. I already can hear the noise, but this is where the semifinals begins now"
10 "The life of haystack is wonderful: One moment you are at the mercy of the weathers. the second moment you are at the stage as the celebrated haystack as the middle of everything. Did I already say "see you at the marketplace, crazies"? Every night spent on Masked stage has felt like a Christmas Eve, but gladly without Santa Claus. Not that I hate such people, I respect them. I've been respecting since the time when Santa took me on his knee. There I started thinking: "What if I have been accidentally naughty and mean, and gives attention only from pity?" The thought made me burst into a hysterical crying, because I'm a sensitive creature. Sensitivity is part of the job where also the huge inner power belongs to. I may not be therapist on particular way, but I do have been sending similar, yet relatable feelings. I'm also the working hero. No one else could endure what I've been doing, not especially with such noise I have been making."

Panelist Questions[]

Maria Veitola: "How do you prepare for a live performance?" Heinäseiväs: "I use mouthwater before the performance"

Season 3[]

Heinäseiväs returns in Season 3 episode 9 to make a cameo in special performance "Poista Maski" by Ile Uusivuori and the detectives.


The identity of Heinäseiväs was in jeopardy due to a wifi called "Ilkka Alanko Wifi". According to Maskin Takana show, the use of phones was a big problem on first season.

Clue Answers
Ilkka Alanko states in Me Naiset-magazine to be the owner of 87 pairs of sunglasses.
"Meatless, smoke free, caffeine free" means that Ilkka is vegetarian, uses electric cigarette and drinks caffeine free coffee.
400 000+ is the number of all albums by Neljä Ruusua, where Ilkka is vocalist, sold in total
All mentions about Estonia relates to fact, that Ilkka's wife Tessa is Estonian.
"The fruit Basket of the stories" is a reference to a basketball team "Hedelmäkori", in which Ilkka has also played in.
"Between the mansion and field" refers to Ilkka's mansion "Nupuri"
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