The Hammerhead is a masked singer in Australia's second season.

The Hammerhead was Unmasked to be Michael Bevan.

Songs Edit

Week Song
1 "Working Class Man" by Jimmy Barnes

Clues Edit

Week Clue
1 "I am The Hammerhead. Not flashy, but I get the job every time. You can't tell by looking at me but I'm on the right side of 50. Before most of you ever heard of me, I came of age of western, but I went to create a style of my own. I was the first to do what I did. Of course, I can't do what I do entirely on my own. My skills let me travel anywhere English is spoken. And along the way, you never know whose attention you'll attract. I'm the Hammerhead and I'm going to nail The Masked Singer."
Clue Answers
Right side of 50 in Hammerhead's package refers to his ODI batting average which is the right side of 50 in cricket.
Came of age with a western refers to Hammerhead's first cricket club in Weston Creek, Act.
First to do what I did refers to Hammerhead being the first player to represent Australia.

Final Guesses Edit

Week Jackie's Guess Dave's Guess Dannii's Guess Urzila's Guess
1 Keith Urban Murray Cook Honey Badger Shannon Noll

("I've banged out more hits than I can count.")

Guesses: Keith Urban, Murray Cook, Honey Badger (Nick Cummins), Shannon Noll, and Michael Bevan.

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